Hireology’s 2022 Year in Review

At Hireology, we’ve always built our product in direct response to hiring challenges faced by businesses in skilled labor sectors. And 2022 was no different.

For most of you, finding interested applicants for your open roles was your top challenge this year. As the economy largely returned to pre-pandemic normals you needed to staff up fast. But you struggled to drive applicants for a number of reasons. The people you lost at the onset of the pandemic found different types of work elsewhere. And people who were actively looking for jobs this year had new priorities and many options to explore. This challenge remained steady throughout the year — even as your counterparts in the tech space began to grapple with layoffs and an impending recession.

To reach your hiring goals over the last 12 months, you had to implement new processes and find ways to redefine your jobs in order to stand out. Hireology was here to help you do just that. This year, we made several important improvements to our product in response to these evolving challenges. Here’s a refresher of our favorite product releases of 2022:

Automatic job refresh

To drive applicants, you have to do everything you can to get in front of as many job seekers as possible. That’s why many of you refresh open roles on job boards — a refresh can boost your job advertisement after some time. But manually refreshing jobs is time consuming, it opens up the risk of losing candidate data, and refreshing too often can actually negatively impact you on some of the bigger job boards.

Enter automatic job refresh, which allows you to schedule job refreshes 60 days out from when you open the job. This automation ensures that you never refresh your jobs too often. And it keeps all applicants and candidate data under one job in Hireology — no matter when they applied — so you don’t need to jump from the old job to the new one or risk losing that data for every refresh.

Interview scheduling

In our most recent survey of applicants, we found that one of the main reasons job seekers “ghost” interviews is because the hiring process was taking too long. Often, the culprit behind lengthy hiring processes is the task of simply getting interviews scheduled. You need to go back and forth multiple times via email sharing availability on both ends. It’s complicated, inconvenient, and can take days. 

Interview scheduling is a new feature that automatically syncs hiring manager calendars with Hireology. It automatically generates available time slots for your recruiters to share with applicants and then gives applicants the power to choose a date and time that works best for them. The feature eliminates the manual coordination typically required of this process, keeping candidates engaged and interested in your open roles.

Mobile app notifications

It’s no secret that great candidates get hired fast. In fact, in our 2022 applicant study we found that about a third of job seekers get hired within two weeks of applying. So if you aren’t set up to move through your hiring process as fast as possible, you can and will miss out on top talent.

Hireology mobile app notifications are built to solve this issue by ensuring that you never miss a critical candidate update. Now, Hireology mobile app users can enable notifications for ‘new applicants’ and ‘inbox notifications’ to guide them back to the app when something requires their attention. This allows you to see updates about great applicants and candidates sooner while on-the-go, ultimately speeding up your hiring process.

TextApply and QR codes

This year, many of you returned to more traditional, in-person recruiting that you often relied on before the pandemic. Job fairs and other face-to-face community events can be really great opportunities to connect with talent and drive applicants. But unlike digital channels, it’s tough to get people you meet at these events into your ATS quickly. Often, people you meet will forget to apply later on, or they’ll leave their information but your team is delayed in putting it in your system.

TextApply solves this by making it easy for great job seekers to apply to your open roles on-the-go via mobile devices. Applicants simply text a number generated in Hireology and a chatbot will then gather all of their critical information — getting them into your ATS so you can move them through your process instantly. You can also create the same experience via QR codes (also generated within your Hireology account) that you can place on physical signage at your events, on your properties, or throughout high traffic areas in your community. 

Skillsurvey SMS

Conducting reference checks is a critical but often tedious part of the hiring process. Asking candidates to gather all the contact information for their references, share it with you via email, and then making all those calls yourself is a complex process that often results in ghosting.

Skillsurvey SMS is a small, but mighty update designed to accelerate an already fast automated reference check process within Hireology. We’ve always offered SkillSurvey reference checks directly through our platform, allowing you to gather reference information via a survey and manage the results within your account. But now, you can reach out to candidates via SMS to kick off the reference check process — making it easier for candidates to quickly respond so you can complete this critical step and make your hires that much faster.

Hireology Referrals payroll integrations

Siloed and disconnected systems is an age-old problem across all business departments. But it’s one that can be particularly troublesome in the hiring and HR space when you’re trying to move faster on great candidates and retain your existing workforce.

That’s why our new Hireology Referrals payroll integrations are so valuable. With these integrations (80+!), any employment changes in your payroll — like new hires or terminations — will be automatically reflected in the Hireology Referrals platform. Now, you’ll be able to keep your employee roster current and your referral program running smoothly without the need for manual CSV uploads.

Other Hireology Referrals updates

And finally, we know that employee referrals tend to drive better candidates and eventual hires than other channels. But often it’s tough to get employees to participate and even when they want to, the process of submitting a referral can sometimes be too time-consuming and complicated. On top of that, tracking referral candidates and payout timing for each role has never been an easy task.

With Hireology Referrals, you’ve always been able to execute email and SMS campaigns internally in order to create awareness for your program and boost participation. And our platform has always helped manage bonus payout timing. But with our recent updates, these processes are now even easier. You can now schedule monthly newsletter campaigns, add branded images to your social posts, and customize your referral payout schedule based on the role.  

And that’s a wrap on 2022. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2023 — see you then!



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