The Great Reassessment

The Great Reassessment

Today’s job seekers are redefining work as we know it — here’s a look at what they’ve come to expect and how employers can win.

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Job seekers' expectations of both work and the job search changed drastically since the onset of the pandemic. Because of the historic labor supply and demand imbalance, people today have realized they no longer have to work jobs with little flexibility and rigid hours — nor do they have to endure painful, lengthy job application and interview processes.

In other words, job seekers today have the upper hand. And as a result its impacting employers' ability to not only attract applicants but also keep them interested throughout the hiring process. In our survey of job seekers across the industries that were most impacted by the pandemic and the post-COVID hiring struggles — from healthcare to hospitality to automotive — we set out to find out exactly what job seekers today expect during the job search and from work itself.

In our latest study, The Great Reassessment, we outline these findings.

Read Hireology's 2022 applicant research report, The Great Reassessment to uncover what job seekers today expect form work and how you can adjust your offerings accordingly.

Key takeaways

  • 48% of job seekers say they’d take a pay cut for the flexibility they want
  • A third of job seekers say they won’t even apply to your open roles if you don’t list your benefits in your job description
  • 52% of job seekers complete the entirety of the application and hiring process on mobile devices
  • 59% of respondents say they have given up on a job application because it took too long to complete


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