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Hotel Staffing Solutions Built for You

Reach more job seekers, accelerate hiring, and staff your hotel to provide a five-star guest experience

Staff up to drive profitability at your hotel

Connect with more talent

Reach more job seekers and efficiently market your open roles

Get ahead of competitors

Keep top candidates engaged throughout a quick hiring process

Keep guests happy

Fill your open roles with the right talent to provide a better guest experience

Key platform features

Facilitate a smooth hiring process via our suite of purpose-built hotel staffing solutions

Diversified job distribution

Post your open roles on top job boards, social media sites, and more

Employee referral programs

Connect with your existing teams’ network via word-of-mouth

In-app candidate communication

Text candidates directly from your Hireology account to streamline the hiring process

Payroll, benefits, and HR

Conduct payroll, track time and attendance, and more across all properties

What our customers are saying

"Payroll is our biggest expense. Making hires out of desperation or sitting on applicants means we are wasting money. With Hireology I have transparency and informed reporting to drive action. We have seen real change since using Hireology."
Joey Bacall
Owner and Regional Manager |
 Great Lakes Hospitality Group
"We used to manage our employee referral program through spreadsheets. Including data input, calendar reminders, and bonus payout logistics we were spending about 4 hours per hired referral on administrative tasks. Now using Hireology referrals this is going to go down to minutes."
Awilda Nevarez
Director of Human Resources |
 Lansdowne Resort and Spa
"I use the mobile app to review applicants throughout the day and reach out via text. This has allowed me to cut down my time to contact applicants by 3 days."
Erin Pilarski
Director of Human Resources |
 AFP Management Group, United Capital Corp.
"Prior to hireology we were tracking all recruiting efforts across our 50 locations with an Excel spreadsheet. We were recruiting with blindfolds on, utilizing free local job boards and managing applicant pools out of our email inboxes. Since partnering with Hireology in 2016 we have redefined recruiting for Fox Motors."
Michelle Hagley
Talent Development Manager |
 Fox Motors
"Hireology took our hiring platform out of a Google Sheet and into a sustainable platform."
Blaire Sullivan
Executive Administrator |

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