Onboard New Hires

Digitize every step of the onboarding process to improve time-to-productivity for new employees

Save time for your team

Reduce the cumbersome back-and-forth required to complete new hire paperwork and other steps manually

Remain compliant

Electronically sign and store employment verification and tax forms

Get new hires onboarded faster

Automate new hire paperwork and instantly transfer candidate information to payroll

Provide a better day one experience

Digitize necessary paperwork to make room for training and more productive day one activities

What you get with Hireology Digital Onboarding


Employees who reported a positive onboarding experience are nearly twice as likely to remain loyal to their employers

What our customers say

“New hires light up at the fact that they can get through their new hire paperwork and be on the job in less than one day.”
Lane Beenken
Director - Recruiting, Training, Corp Development |
 Casey Auto Group

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