We Put Our People First

We believe in our product, but our people are what make our business truly powerful. We’re a tight-knit company, bonded through our commitment to helping organizations build teams they’re proud of. Get a sense of our culture and what it takes to become a member of our award-winning team of Hireologists.

Working at Hireology

We want to be the best place you ever work. We’re all about putting our people first, because we know people are a company’s biggest asset. At Hireology we create an environment where you can learn, grow, and be yourself — all while embracing what’s necessary to do great work.

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Our core values

Our core values influence everything, from how we interact with our customers to how we recognize our employees’ hard work

Create wow moments

Eager to improve

Own the result

No assholes

Pathological optimism

Our benefits empower you to love your work and enjoy your life. We offer benefits to promote:


Work-life balance


An unrivaled employee experience

We proudly prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion

We aim to be a company our employees, customers, and future applicants are proud of. Our Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council was established in 2019 with the mission of attracting and nurturing diverse talent, promoting fairness and equity, and continuing to foster an unbiased, open-minded environment.

Through the council, we host volunteer events, provide educational opportunities, fundraise to support our communities on a local and national level, and empower ALL of our employees to feel seen and heard.

But we know a DEI Council won’t alone solve for inequities in hiring, so we’ve pledged to have Hireology’s employee population match U.S. demographics by 2023.

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Employee Testimonials

Paul Simpson
Director, Customer Success
I love the collective spirit of this culture. Anytime you work with an organization this size, the feeling of “this is my business too” has to permeate to succeed, and that happens here. When you allow that to guide your decision-making, a “job” turns into a great place to work.
Camilla Blackburn
Growth Manager
The time I have invested in building relationships with others in the business and gaining the trust of my supervisors to get my work done without being micromanaged is truly priceless. Getting to this spot is something that takes time and is not guaranteed when you leave for another company.
Dave Luepke
Major Account Director
Hireology is a family. Support is endless. The people get you through the tough days, and help elevate the good ones.
Katie Villano
Customer Success Manager
The people I get to work with every day make me want to stay! I also want to stay because I know that there are plenty of opportunities for career growth and development which is not something that is available everywhere.
Jessika Rivera
Strategic Customer Success Manager
Our recruiting team makes great hiring decisions! I love that our culture is made up of people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. We have a very inclusive culture.
Dani Harper
Engineering Manager
My favorite part of Hireology’s culture is our high trust teams. We share information easily, we extend support to one another, we’re not afraid to take up challenging work, and we don’t worry about other team members letting us down. Another important aspect of our culture is the real opportunity to grow your career here, and contribute to the growth of the company in a clear and tangible way. The impact of a team’s work to the overall goals of the company is something that is regularly highlighted and celebrated.
Kara Schumacher
Manager, Customer Care
I love how ingrained our core values are in the work that we do, and how much we celebrate people who really live those core values.
Stephany Burz
Product Operations Leads
I really enjoy the work that I am doing here and the feeling that I can make a difference. In addition, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with many talented individuals that are truly great people.

Our departments

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Revenue Operations

Drive our narrative and business intelligence with data only available from Hireology.


Expand the foundation of our software to help Hireology reach even more customers.


Showcase Hireology’s culture, core values and grow our team to grow our business.

Corporate Development

Develop corporate partnerships to drive growth in strategic markets and key verticals.


Provide the financial reporting and forecasting to ensure Hireology exceeds our goals.


Build the future of Hireology through product management, user experience and research.

Customer Success

Deliver outstanding strategic support to turn our customers into Hireology advocates.


Amplify Hireology’s message to new markets and customers with creativity and performance


Create relationships with clients across key verticals to advocate for our transformative hiring platform.