The Future of Hiring 2023

The Future of Hiring 2023

Hireology’s 2023 employer research

6 opportunities for skilled labor employers to recruit and hire better in 2023 and beyond

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In November of 2022, Hireology surveyed nearly 1,000 recruiters, hiring managers, and HR leaders across the industries hiring skilled labor. Many of these businesses never fully recuperated all of the jobs they eliminated at the onset of the pandemic, and we wanted to check in to see how these employers were faring as new economic challenges lie ahead.

One key finding? For 53% of respondents, low talent supply is still their number one hiring and HR challenge — even as their counterparts in the tech space grapple with layoffs and an impending recession. This tells us that the recession proves to be less of a threat for skilled labor businesses than the pandemic was, and that there is an opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge by recruiting and hiring the right people.

Based on the results of the survey, we identified six people-focused opportunities for skilled labor employers as we head into 2023 and beyond. Download the e-book now to learn how you can be one of the first to make the right changes, stand out from the masses, and achieve your hiring and HR goals in the year ahead.

Learn what your peers are doing when it comes to recruiting talent and how you can stand out in 2023 and beyond

Key takeaways

  • Only 33% of employers offer scheduling flexibility for hourly employees
  • Only 16% of employers mandate implicit bias training internally
  • 88% of employers have re-hired a former employee
  • Employee referral programs out ranked job boards as the top source for quality hires
  • 91% say they have experienced candidate ghosting in the past year

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