Introducing Automatic Job Refresh: Save Time While Boosting Job Visibility

You asked. We delivered. Today we’re excited to share the release of a highly requested Hireology feature: automatic job refresh. This feature is designed to automate the highly manual, yet common process of cloning and re-posting jobs in Hireology in order to boost visibility on organic job feeds and drive more applicants.

Previously, the process to refresh a job was to clone that existing job, validate that all the hiring steps are still accurate, update the hiring team (if needed), mass transfer all applicants to the new job, and then close the existing job. Today’s enhancement completely eliminates these manual steps allowing you to opt into automatic refreshes every 60 days — ensuring they remain visible on job boards while also significantly saving time for you.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of this feature and details for getting the most out of it within your Hireology account:

Benefits of automatic job refresh

Competition on top job boards is at an all-time high. Many of you choose to repost jobs every 60 days in order to improve your rankings on organic job board feeds. This helps gain the attention of more job seekers and compete with other employers at a time when talent supply and demand remains at an unprecedented imbalance. 

With this feature, job refreshes are now easier than ever to do. You’ll be able to trigger the automation with the click of a button, meaning you’ll no longer have to manually re-open jobs every 60 days — empowering you to reap the benefits of a refresh without having to remember to do it or complete the time-consuming process previously required. 

Given the time required to complete job refreshes with the previous process, this feature will save our team and our customers up to 2 months of productivity.

Automatic job refresh also comes with data accuracy benefits. When a job is refreshed, applicant and candidate data will now be housed under the original job rather than being transferred from one to the other. This decreases the risk of losing applicant data or previously assigned hiring steps, equipping you with everything you need to stay organized, move fast, and make smart hiring decisions.

How automatic job refresh works

When first opening a job, you will now have the ability to select the option to automatically refresh a job every 60 days. There will also be a ‘Refresh’ button displayed within the job itself for you to utilize if you did not select to refresh your job upon opening it (see below images). 

Once refreshed, a new ‘Job Posting ID’ and ‘Open Date’ will be sent to job boards, removing the need for you to manually close and create new jobs, transfer candidates, etc. Auto refresh will be paused automatically while jobs are sponsored through Hireology. You can track all information regarding job refreshes under the Job Details > Recent Activity.  Additionally, you will have the ability to opt out of job refresh after a job is opened.

Setting up up automatic refresh when opening a new job in Hireology
Refreshing a job after its been opened in Hireology
Refreshing a job after it’s been opened in Hireology

As we continue to navigate a really tough hiring market, anything you can do to get your jobs in front of more job seekers and save time on your end can make all the difference when it comes to filling your open roles. We hope you find this feature just as exciting as — and useful — as we do!

Today’s release comes at the heels of several major product enhancements, including new payroll and ATS integrations with Hireology Referrals. Check out our most recent product release roundup to get the details.



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