August 2022 Product Updates: Keep Up With Today’s Tough Hiring Market

Hiring certainly didn’t slow down for our customers in August, and neither did our dedication to constantly enhancing the Hireology platform based on feedback from users like you.

Today, we’re excited to share that Hireology now offers SMS outreach to candidates for reference checks, enhanced job template management, and new payroll and ATS integrations with Hireology Referrals. All of these updates are built with our core mission in mind — to help you connect with more talent and get great candidates through your hiring process faster.

Read on to learn more about these exciting new updates.

Speed up your hiring process: Pre-qualify candidates via texting

With this update, you’ll now be able to reach out to candidates via SMS to kick off the reference check process via SkillSurvey. This means that if a Hireology applicant opts in to receiving SMS messaging, and they advance far enough in the candidate process to provide references, they’ll receive a text to supply their reference contacts, in addition to the traditional email request. 

Both the email link as well as the SMS link will take candidates to the same reference experience asking them to provide contact information on three references, and the rest of the process will work exactly the same. 

Because candidates typically read and respond to text messages much faster than emails, this enhancement will accelerate an already fast automated reference process within Hireology. And as the hiring market continues to prove challenging, moving fast on top candidates has never been more important. Any time you can shave off of your hiring process can be the difference between hiring a great candidate and losing them to a competitor.

Open new jobs even faster: Job template filters

We’ve also made an important update to the jobs screen, designed to help you better sort and clean up your job lists. It’s now easier to see which jobs have been marked as templates, helping you quickly identify templated roles so you can easily create new jobs and manage your jobs list much more efficiently.

True Hireology power users typically rely on templates to save time when creating new jobs and create consistency from job to job. However, when a users’ job list is long it can be tough to understand which ones were clones, originals, and are safe to remove if there are account updates needed. By adding a filter on the jobs page to flag jobs saved as templates, we’ve now made it easy to see which jobs are true templates in your account. This allows you to open new templated jobs even faster and keep your job list clean and up-to-date.

Seamlessly leverage your top source of talent: New Hireology Referrals integrations

Also in August: We announced that Hireology’s built-in employee referral program platform, Hireology Referrals, will now support direct integrations with a wide range of leading payroll and ATS providers. This means that any changes in payroll — like new hires or terminations — will be automatically reflected in the Hireology Referrals platform, allowing you to keep your employee roster current and referral program running smoothly without the need for manual CSV uploads each time there’s a team change.

Employee referrals have always been the top source of talent among Hireology customers. Now, running an effective referral program that drives real ROI is even more seamless within Hireology.

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