Hireology Referrals Now Integrates With Multiple Payroll Providers

Today we’re excited to share that Hireology’s built-in employee referral program platform, Hireology Referrals, will now support direct integrations with virtually all leading payroll and ATS providers. This means that any changes in payroll — like new hires or terminations — will be automatically reflected in the Hireology Referrals platform, allowing you to keep your employee roster current and referral program running smoothly without the need for manual CSV uploads each time there’s a team change.

This integration 38 HRIS/payroll platforms for broad industry reach. And because many customers use Hireology Referrals as a standalone solution, today’s update will also support integrations with 35 ATS providers to help our standalone customers automate the process of getting referral candidates into their hiring platform of choice. Visit our support page for a full list of supported integrations.

Overall, this update will not only help you keep records up-to-date in real time, but will also help new Hireology Referrals customers get set up and start driving referrals faster. Today’s update is now available for free to all customers. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:

Keep employee data up-to-date

You will now have the support you need to sync your employee, candidate, and job data from your favorite tools into the Hireology Referrals platform with a single sign in. This will help you automatically keep your employee data up-to-date without the need to manually upload a list of active employees each time you want to launch a referral campaign

Get instant value from Hireology Referrals

If you’re a new Hireology Referrals user, this integration will ensure that you get immediate value from the platform. With an accurate list of employees already uploaded, you can start sending email and SMS campaigns as soon as you connect the integration and ultimately start driving referrals instantly.

Streamline referral bonus payments

With today’s update, you’ll also be able to make bonus payouts faster, eliminating any delay in paying employees their bonuses as soon as possible. As soon as you mark a candidate as hired within your ATS, it will automatically be reflected in Hireology Referrals, empowering you to pay referral bonuses immediately. As many HR leaders know, getting folks their payments as fast as possible is one of the best ways to encourage continuous participation in the program.

Ready to set up your integrations? Getting started is easy. Within your account settings, a new module will now appear with an option to log into your HRIS or ATS platform and set up the integration (see the below screenshot).

Running a seamless employee referral program is the best way to start filling your open roles faster. In fact, among Hireology customers, referrals are the number one source of new hires. We hope that today’s update helps you see even more ROI out of Hireology Referrals.
If you’re not yet a Hireology Referrals customer, schedule a free 1:1 consultation to learn how the platform can help you reinvigorate your employee referral program today.



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