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Hireology Training Webinars

Mastering your hiring process is a snap with 4, all new, training agendas. This weekly series aims to showcase Hireology’s overall functionality, offer best practices, and help you get the most out of your Hireology partnership.

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Intro to Hireology

Tuesdays @ 11 AM CST

This 60-minute webinar is designed to guide you through the essential steps for utilizing Hireology effectively. The agenda includes opening a new job, configuring hiring steps, setting up Indeed sponsorship, reviewing applicants, and initiating initial communication with applicants. Join us to streamline your hiring process and make the most of Hireology's features.

Optimizing Your Hiring Process

Thursdays @ 2 PM CST

Join our 60-minute webinar dedicated to customizing your hiring process. In this session, we'll explore key topics, including editing existing hiring processes, setting up interview guides, utilizing verification tools, crafting offer letters, and effectively marking candidates as hires. Enhance your hiring strategy by learning how to tailor these essential elements to meet your specific needs.

Moving Quickly Through Your Hiring Process

Mondays @ 11 AM CST

Accelerate your hiring process with this 60-minute webinar! Join us as we explore key features such as our mobile application, inbox enhancements, electronic onboarding, interview scheduling, SMS capabilities, and the efficiency of job templates. Learn how to navigate these tools seamlessly to streamline your hiring workflow and save valuable time.

Identifying Quality Applicants

Wednesdays @ 2 PM CST

Optimize your applicant selection process with our 60-minute webinar! In this session, we'll guide you through techniques for identifying quality candidates, including utilizing pre-screen surveys, customizing applications, effective applicant review strategies, candidate search functionalities, employing tagging and disposition codes, leveraging selection tools, and gaining insights. Join us to enhance your ability to identify and select top-tier applicants efficiently.

Become a People Expert With Our Expert People​​

Behind the scenes at Hireology is a team of real people dedicated to helping you master our product, develop a hiring strategy that stands out in your industry, and overcome technical challenges when you need it most