SkillSurvey SMS: Frequently Asked Questions

Last month we launched an exciting new update to our hiring suite: SkillSurvey SMS. The feature allows you to reach out to candidates via SMS to kick off the reference check process via SkillSurvey. Now, if an applicant opts in to receiving SMS messaging and they advance far enough in the candidate process to provide references, they’ll receive a text to supply their reference contacts — in addition to the traditional email request. 

As a refresher, SkillSurvey is a leading automated reference check provider, which empowers you to collect feedback from references on a candidate’s skills, behaviors, and past work performance. Hireology offers SkillSurvey reference checks directly through our platform. You can gather candidate feedback in an objective way from three previous professional contacts (one manager, two co-workers) and you’ll receive a report directly within your Hireology account as soon as feedback is gathered — in almost all cases, within 24-48 hours with virtually no work needed on the part of the hiring manager.

Compared to cold calling, automated references reduce hiring manager time by 92% for faster turnaround while also helping your team get more done with less. 

Since launching the SMS update, our customers using SkillSurvey have been able to speed up the reference check step even more, keeping great candidates moving through the process quickly. To ensure everyone is able to take full advantage of this feature, we gathered some frequently asked questions about the update:

What is the benefit of allowing a candidate to submit their references via SMS?

In a mobile-first world, candidates typically reply to text messages much faster than emails. By allowing candidates the option to submit references via SMS, you will be able to speed up your hiring process and focus on finding and hiring great people even faster.

If a candidate submits references via SMS, can they also submit via email?

If a candidate opted in to receiving SMS when first applying, they will be given the option to submit references via text or email. if they select to submit via SMS, they cannot also submit via email and vice versa.

Is the experience of submitting references via SMS different from email?

No, the experience will be exactly the same. Both the email and text link will send the candidate to the same portal to submit their references. Only difference is the device they are on.

If a candidate submits references via SMS, will their selected references receive a link via SMS?

No, the system will still operate the same way where it generates and sends them an email request from someone they know, the job candidate. The email includes a link to an online survey that consists of a variety of behavioral based job-specific questions that they can complete either on their desktop or mobile device.

Beyond references, Hireology has several other mobile-first tools to help you achieve your hiring goals, such as our integrated referrals, mobile-first career sites, candidate SMS for ongoing updates, and more. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, check out our library of case studies to learn more about how our mobile-first, all-in-one hiring and HR solution has helped businesses just like yours connect with more talent and fill open roles faster.



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