May Product Updates: Advanced Rewards + Custom Social Images Within Hireology Referrals

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As we continue to navigate today’s tough hiring landscape, employee referrals remain one of our customers’ best sources of quality applicants and eventual hires. Referred candidates tend to be more qualified and more interested in your open roles than those sourced from other channels. In fact, among Hireology customers referrals drive one in every eight new hires. 

That’s why we’re constantly working to make our in-app referral technology, Hireology Referrals even better. We want to help you power a referral program that works for the unique needs of your organization so you can maximize your talent pipeline, fill your open roles, and keep your business running smoothly. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce Hireology Referrals Advanced Rewards as well as an update to our social sharing feature to allow for the use of custom images. Here’s a deeper dive into these two updates:

Advanced Rewards

Your referral bonus payout amounts and timing can play a big role in the effectiveness of your program. Payouts that are too low or are not paid out at the correct time can discourage folks from participating. And often, payout timing and total reward amount needs to be different for different types of roles. 

With Advanced Rewards, you can now customize payout amounts and payout timing structure based on job type — giving you more control over your program and allowing you to tailor it to your team’s unique needs. Here’s a closer look at what this means for you:

  • Drive focus to hard-to-fill roles: No matter what industry you’re in, some roles are harder to fill than others. Many HR teams choose to offer higher bonus payouts for those hard-to-fill roles in order to motivate your team to dig deep into their networks. For example, maybe the payout for sales associate jobs is $100, but $500 for service technicians as this type of talent is typically harder to find. With Advanced Rewards, you’ll now be able to build your own custom referral bonus rules based on job type. 

  • Ensure quality referrals: Many of you structure your referral programs with tiered payout timing as a way to encourage folks to submit referrals that are truly a fit for the role. For example, maybe you pay half of the bonus immediately upon hire and the rest six months later.  With today’s update, you can now set multiple payouts over multiple payout dates for different types of roles to help drive retention through milestone payouts. 

  • Never forget a bonus payout: For teams using the tiered payout method, keeping track of who needs to be paid and when can be complicated — especially if you’re managing dozens of referral candidates at once. Hireology Referrals will now automatically keep track of when these payouts are due, ensuring that you never miss a payout date.

Custom social share images

We know that social media can be an incredibly powerful recruiting channel  — especially when it comes to employee referrals. Social media is a really easy way for your team to reach their network. And most people trust their peers when it comes to deciding where to apply or eventually work.

That’s why we launched social sharing within Hireology Referrals late last year. Social sharing allows you to generate custom, trackable links for your team to share on their social networks — making it easier than ever for your team to spread the word about your open roles and for you to keep track of applicants who come through social media.

With today’s update, your employees can now include a branded image of your choice along with their social media posts about your open roles. That way your employees’ posts will be on-brand, consistent, and memorable — maximizing the reach and engagement of these posts. 


With Hireology Referrals, Hireology employees can post branded images within the job postings they share with their networks

A great employee referral program can help you boost your talent pipeline at a time when hiring is harder than ever. Today’s updates are designed to give you control over the structure of your program so that it truly meets your teams’ needs and helps you drive more great referral talent.

If you already subscribe to Hireology Referrals within your account, start using these features to get more out of your employee referral program today. If you’re not a Hireology Referrals customer, sign up for a free demo to learn how referrals can transform your hiring efforts in 2022 and beyond.



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