Social Referrals Now Available in the Hireology + EmployUs Platform

Since we acquired EmployUs this summer, one of our most requested features has been to allow employees to share a personal referral link on their social networks or directly with potential candidates. Today we’re excited to debut just that — social referrals for EmployUs.

As a refresher, Hireology acquired EmployUs in order to add employee referral capabilities directly into our platform. The technology enables you to send customizable campaigns to your internal teams and gather referrals quickly and easily through email or text — no app downloads or logins required. Referral candidates are then entered into Hireology’s applicant tracking system and moved through your unique hiring process alongside candidates generated from other channels. 

With the new social referrals feature, your employees will be able share your open roles via a unique link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and What’sApp with a single click. The system then tracks anyone who applies through these links as a referral and keeps track of who referred which candidate.
Here’s a closer look at the benefits of this update:

Motivate employees to participate in your program

Now, it’s even easier for your employees to participate in your referral program. They can share open roles to all of their networks at once with one click using a link unique to them that tracks referrals automatically, rather than manually posting to each network or reaching out to contacts individually. Plus, employees will be extra motivated to use this feature because any candidate that applies through their unique link will be considered their referral — making them eligible to receive the payout should that candidate get hired. It’s a win-win for you and your employees.

Reach more potential candidates

The average LinkedIn user has 930 connections, so by making it easier for folks to share your open roles on their profiles, you’ll be able to extend your reach exponentially. And the more candidates you can drive via referrals, the easier it will be for you to build your best team. Employee referrals are consistently the top source of talent among Hireology customers — driving nearly one in every eight new hires.

Easily track social media-generated referrals

The update makes it easier than ever for you to keep track of referral information as well as payout timing and milestones. Prior to the update, anyone who applied through social media would appear as a social media candidate — not a referral. But with this update, folks are automatically labeled referrals and you’ll know exactly who referred each candidate and when the payout is due.

Social referrals will be included for all EmployUs customers and Hireology customers with EmployUs included in their subscription. Not yet using EmployUs with your Hireology subscription? Schedule a demo and see how you can save 50% if you upgrade your account before the end of the year.



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