Hireology Acquires Employee Referral Platform EmployUs

At Hireology, we’ve always been in the business of helping you build your best team. Our technology helps you attract applicants from a dedicated career site, integrated job boards, social media and more. But the number one source for hires across our top customers (and our team) has always been comprehensive employee referral programs. That’s why we’re excited to announce the acquisition of employee referral platform, EmployUs. The acquisition further expands Hireology’s solution set, helping you attract and hire qualified talent fast.

EmployUs is an employee referral platform that gives companies the power to leverage their employees and networks to hire great talent. Having worked with organizations like Syneos Health, Anderson Automotive Group and Krispy Kreme, EmployUs is a seasoned leader in helping organizations motivate employees to recommend their peers, reward employees for referring qualified candidates and ultimately build a pipeline of top talent.

With the acquisition, Hireology customers will be able to easily design a referral program, invite employees to participate, gather referrals and manage rewards — all within the Hireology platform. Employees can easily submit referral information through email, text or an integrated plug-in for LinkedIn to quickly refer their contacts to open roles. Referred applicants will seamlessly flow into Hireology where hiring managers can automate communication and streamline next steps in the hiring process or nurture referrals for future opportunities. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Hireology’s acquisition of EmployUs will help you build your best team:

Attract more qualified applicants

While channels like job boards and search tend to drive a larger volume of candidates, employee referral programs bring in more qualified candidates. That’s because your top performing existing employees typically surround themselves with like individuals and will only recommend the best of the best in their networks. By making it really easy for your employees to refer these folks, you bring in more qualified and eager individuals into your pipeline. Hireology sees the results of this firstand: about 33% of our hires made in 2020 were from referrals.

Hire top talent quickly

With the addition of EmployUs, you’ll be able to move forward with top candidates that come recommended by your employees much faster. Rather than asking employees to refer their peers through email or one-off chat messages that often get lost and forgotten, they can now send their referrals directly into the platform you’re already using to track and manage your open roles. Recruiters and hiring managers will see these referrals right away and can kick start the hiring process automatically using Hireology’s applicant tracking and communication technology — shaving days or even weeks off of the hiring process.

Curb turnover

Study after study shows that employees referred by your existing teammates tend to be the most likely to stick around long-term. Again, that’s because your top employees typically refer people who they believe will fit in well with the company culture and share your organization’s values. The addition of EmployUs technology makes it easier for you to drive more referrals, prioritize these folks during the hiring process, onboard them quickly and in turn build a dedicated and loyal team.

Gain a competitive Aadvantage

Ultimately, the ability to bring qualified candidates on board faster while improving retention is what’s going to set you apart from competitors. And gaining a competitive edge is critical as the hiring crisis rages on. You’re vying for a small talent pool alongside big-name companies like Amazon and Starbucks and relying on job boards and outdated hiring processes won’t help you stand out. This acquisition will allow you to leverage your employees to reach top job seekers before your competitors do and move them through your hiring process much faster.

Hireology customers will have the ability to add EmployUs to their base subscription later this summer. Check back on the blog for more details on timing and to learn how to get the most of the EmployUs technology. Not a Hireology customer? Schedule a demo to get more information about how Hireology can help you start enhancing your hiring efforts today. If you are a Hireology customer looking to add EmployUs to your platform, contact the customer success team so we can show you the feature as soon as we’re ready.



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