New in Hireology: TextApply and QR Code Generator

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of TextApply within the Hireology platform. This feature, along with its built-in QR code generator, is designed to boost applicants from in-person recruiting channels such as flyers or print advertisements by making applying to your open roles as simple as sending a text.

Sourcing applicants does not only happen in the digital world — it happens in the physical world too. And until now, there wasn’t an easy way for job seekers to apply to roles on the spot when they saw your company’s sign or flyer or met you at a career fair. By the time a potential applicant gets to a laptop, they’ve already forgotten how to apply or they’ve lost interest in your role.

On top of that, today’s job seekers have little patience for slow and outdated application processes. In fact, in a recent Hireology survey of job seekers, 59% of respondents admitted to giving up on a job application because it took too long to complete. Another 42% said they have given up on an application because it was too tough to navigate on their phones.

With TextApply, you’ll be able to meet today’s job seekers where they are, provide a much easier application process, and ultimately build a pipeline of great talent — faster. Here’s a closer look:

Make it easier for job seekers to apply

TextApply is an automated feature that lets candidates easily apply to your open roles from their mobile devices. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll simply complete a few steps in your Hireology account to generate a phone number that will facilitate the chatbot conversation. Any applicant who texts the assigned number will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and can submit their application within minutes. 

The TextApply feature will also automatically generate a QR code that, when scanned, opens up the TextApply chatbot conversation — adding another layer of convenience to the application process. Additionally, Hireology Pro customers have the ability to create and track multiple QR codes in order to promote their employee referral programs, career pages, or any custom link.


We know that job seekers today are more likely to apply to a job if it’s easy and convenient to do so. By allowing people to quickly send a text or scan a code to apply, you’ll drive more applicants and quickly make hires ahead of your slower moving competitors.

Centralize applicant tracking and communication

Hireology already empowers you to quickly move forward with applicants you source digitally via job boards, career sites, and social media. Now, you’ll be able to route applicants from in-person channels directly into your applicant tracking system as well, and begin communicating with these folks via email or text message much sooner.

Connecting and engaging with great talent immediately after they apply allows you to capture the very best before they lose interest and move onto competitors. Our research mentioned above also found that 43% of applicants who have admitted to “ghosting” an employer did so because the hiring process was taking too long.

Unlock ROI insights from in-person applicant sources

With Hireology Insights, you’ve always been able to track the ROI of all digital applicant sources, such as job boards, career sites, employee referrals, and more. You can monitor exactly how many applicants and hires come from each source and compare that to your spend on each channel. This allows you to optimize your strategy over time to maximize hires while minimizing cost.

Now, you can also track applicants and hires that come from TextApply. This allows you to better understand the value and ROI of local job marketing, career fairs, flyers, and more. Tracking how all of your sources perform — not just digital channels — gives you a more holistic view of the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy.

TextApply is now available to all Hireology Pro users. If you’re a Hireology Essentials customer looking to upgrade to Hireology Pro, reach out to your customer support representative today. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, schedule a free consultation today to learn about TextApply and more.



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