Just Launched: Interview Scheduling, Candidate Search, and Mobile App Enhancements

Today, we’re excited to share three Hireology platform updates: automated interview scheduling, enhanced candidate search, and mobile app improvements.

Here’s a closer look at each of these features, more details on how to use them, and why they help you and your team run a better, more efficient hiring process: 

Automated interview scheduling

Scheduling and conducting interviews is a critical part of the hiring process. But it can also be a cumbersome experience that requires manual back-and-forth over email with both the applicant and hiring manager. The process is typically frustrating for everyone involved and leads to time wasted on your end and worse, lost candidates. In fact, a recent Hireology study found that up to 84% of businesses have experienced candidate “ghosting” in the past six months.

That’s why we’re thrilled to release interview scheduling within Hireology. This new feature will provide you and your team with a better way to schedule interviews. You can automatically sync hiring manager calendars with Hireology and give applicants the power to choose a time that works best for them — eliminating much of the manual coordination typically required of this process. 

If you’re a Hireology customer, you simply need to have your team sync their calendars by logging in and visiting their settings page. Any Microsoft, Google or Apple calendar is supported with this new feature. Once confirmed, you can use our new scheduling tool to offer upcoming dates and times, message your applicants via email, and get interviews scheduled fast. Candidates can select their interview slot from any device, helping lock in time to connect whether your candidates are working remotely or always on-the-go.

Want more details on getting started? See below for step-by-step instructions:

  • Syncing calendars: For setup, any Hireology user can login and sync their calendar in Settings >> My Info >> Interview Scheduling. Users with their calendars successfully synced will appear to Administrators under Settings >> Users. Interview Scheduling supports Google, Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com, and Apple iCloud calendars.

  • Scheduling interviews: Start by opening the interview you’d like to schedule with a candidate and hit the launch scheduler button. This experience will walk you through setting up the interview, including format (phone or in-person), duration, and interviewer. Once the interviewer is confirmed, Hireology will showcase that individual’s calendar availability. You can then select multiple days and times of availability to share with the applicant or candidate. 

  • Inviting the candidate: Once you select times to share with the applicant or candidate, you can send them an email that contains a link to select their preferred interview time. The candidate selects an interview time, taps “confirm interview” and is presented with a success message and confirmation email. The hiring manager will also get an email confirming the interview time, and this will also be reflected on the interview within the Hireology platform, ensuring everyone is on the same page and prepared ahead of the candidate conversation.

  • Conducting the interview: When it’s time for the actual interview, the hiring manager and candidate will be able to connect based on the details provided in the calendar invite. Hiring managers can open Hireology, navigate to the appropriate candidate interview, and conduct it as they normally would. 

We hope our new automated interview scheduling feature helps you connect even faster with your candidates. Interview scheduling will be available to all Hireology users starting today!

Candidate search

We’ve made substantial improvements to our candidate search platform to provide a more efficient way to quickly search and find the right candidate by email, phone number, and other keywords to return highly relevant results. On the candidates tab, you may notice a new resume search field to allow you to search through candidate resumes to ensure you can quickly find the right person across your organization.

By quickly identifying qualified candidates within the system, you’ll be able to get these folks through your hiring process faster and ultimately fill your most crucial roles sooner. Here are some candidate search best practices based on the new resume search field:

  • Single keyword search: Searching for a single word will return any job seeker that has that word in their parsed resume.

  • Multiple keyword search: Searching for multiple words separated by spaces will return any job seeker with ALL words in their parsed resume, regardless of position in the document. For example, a search for “car mechanic” returns any job seeker with the word car AND the word mechanic in the same document.

  • OR operator search: Searching for multiple words separated by the OR operator will return any job seeker with ANY of the words in their resume. For example, a search for “car OR mechanic” returns any job seeker with the word car in their parsed resume as well as any job seeker with mechanic in their parsed resume.

We’re excited for these search updates and hope they help provide an easier way to search your candidate database and connect you with the right talent faster. These search enhancements are available for all users today – just visit the Candidates tab to start searching!

Mobile app enhancements

Today, you’ll also now have access to star rankings and prescreen surveys within the Hireology mobile app. We hope these features help you to keep your process moving forward from anywhere and at any time, while focusing only on quality talent to fill your open positions. Here’s a closer look: 

  • Star rankings: With star rankings, you can prioritize the candidates while on-the-go, allowing you to move forward with and connect with them faster. You can also kick off the proper followup with candidates that don’t meet the criteria, ensuring a positive reputation for potential future candidates. 

  • Prescreen surveys: The ability to send prescreen surveys in-app ensures that you’re focusing only on moving top talent quickly through your hiring process.

You can download the latest version of our iOS Hireology app here today. Our app is available to all Hireology users at no additional cost to your base subscription. 

With today’s new feature releases, it’s now even easier to find the right candidates for your open roles within Hireology and get them scheduled for interviews quickly — whether you’re working on desktop or via the mobile app. And as more folks enter the workforce and hiring picks up, the ability to move fast and provide a better candidate experience is now more important than ever.

If you’re an existing Hireology customer, these updates are now available as a part of your base subscription. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, schedule your free 1:1 consultation today to learn more about how our all-in-one hiring and HR platform can help you build your best team — fast.



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