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Optimizing Your Approach to Interview Scheduling

In the world of recruitment, scheduling interviews is more than just finding a time when both the candidate and interviewer happen to be free. It’s an art of coordination that, when done well, can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your hiring process. Smooth interview scheduling not only ensures you secure the top talent before your competitors but also creates a positive candidate experience, reflecting well on your company’s employer brand.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can augment your approach to interview scheduling, from leveraging technology to mastering the human touch. We’ll take you through the stages of scheduling, including initial contact, follow-ups, platform selection, and the importance of effective communication throughout the process.

Interview scheduling should be just as easy for the candidate as it is for you!

The initial reach-out: where scheduling begins

The interview scheduling process often commences with the first contact with the candidate. Whether you’re initiating this via email, phone, or through an automated system, this initial interaction sets the tone for the entire hiring experience.

Consider automated systems

Automated scheduling systems can be a valuable tool, especially with high-volume recruitment. They provide candidates with a variety of pre-selected times and allow them to choose what works best for them, eliminating the back-and-forth that often comes with manual scheduling. Tools can integrate with your calendar to offer real-time availability, simplifying the process for everyone involved.

Personalize where possible

While automation can be efficient, don’t miss the opportunity to add a personal touch. Mentioning a detail from the candidate’s resume or expressing genuine enthusiasm about the possibility of working together can make a world of difference. 

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Choosing the right interview tools

Various platforms are available to facilitate the organization of interviews, and the choice of these tools can have a significant influence on the scheduling experience.

Combining systems

Different systems excel at different aspects of scheduling. Your email client might be great for communication, while a dedicated scheduling software is unbeatable in availability tracking. Use them in tandem to string together a basic process.

Candidate-focused platforms

Some platforms cater specifically to the candidate experience, providing interview itineraries, company information, and travel logistics all in one place. Leveraging these can help candidates feel more supported throughout the process.

Applicant tracking systems

For a truly seamless experience for hiring teams and candidates, consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to centralize all aspects of your hiring process. Everything you need from candidate communication templates to interview scheduling tools should be included in the ATS’s array of pre- and post-hiring tools.

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Crafting a positive candidate experience

Remember, your approach to interview scheduling is a reflection of your company and its values. Aim to create a candidate experience that is efficient, respectful of their time, and professional.

Ensure clarity and transparency

Every step of the way, be clear about what to expect. This includes the interview format, the number of rounds, who they’ll be speaking with, and any pre-interview assignments like pre-screening surveys.

Be accommodating

Life happens, and flexibility can go a long way. When possible, be accommodating to candidate needs, such as offering alternative interview methods or rescheduling when an emergency arises.

Handling interview scheduling with care and precision will set the stage for a successful hiring process. By focusing on the human aspect and leveraging technology where it can make a difference, you’re not just setting up interviews — you’re curating experiences that reflect your company’s commitment to excellence.

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