Everything Hireology Launched in Q1: Enhanced Indeed Partnership, ChatGPT Integration, and More

The first quarter of 2023 was a big one for Hireology! We released several exciting updates in the platform designed to help you attract better quality talent and fill open roles faster.

We prioritized these updates because we know that employers in industries like healthcare and automotive continue to face an unprecedented labor supply and demand imbalance. This means that finding ways to move faster on the right job seekers can be the difference between achieving your hiring goals in 2023 and falling short. Read on to learn more about how our Q1 updates are built to help!

Generate better job descriptions faster with AI

In Q1 we launched Beaker, our new AI-powered virtual assistant. With this launch, we became the first applicant tracking system to integrate ChatGPT into our platform. Beaker empowers you to generate job descriptions in a matter of seconds — improving the quality of your job descriptions, helping you to get your open roles in front of top job seekers sooner, and decreasing time-to-hire

To use the tool, you’ll simply input details such as a job title and location and Beaker will instantly generate a clear and concise job description that is optimized for search. You will then have the option to edit the resulting job description, save it as a template, and distribute to leading job boards as usual.

Beaker is currently in Beta and available to select customers only. Learn more about joining the Beta program here.

Connect with more quality applicants via Indeed

We also announced an enhanced integration with Indeed last quarter — expanding our partnership with world’s #1 job site. This enhanced integration further improves Hireology’s job distribution capabilities and will help fill critical roles with top talent faster.

With this integration, all new or updated external jobs created in Hireology are now sent directly to Indeed via an XML feed. This ensures that your most up-to-date job content is automatically available in Indeed’s free search results, reaching millions of job seekers instantly. This enhanced integration optimizes your hiring process, improves the job seeker experience, and helps you find the right hires, faster.

Taking advantage of this integration is as simple as updating or creating a new job in Hireology!

Use campaign templates to drive referral candidates sooner

Within Hireology Referrals, our in-app employee referral program management tool, you’ve always been able to send text and email campaigns to your existing employees. Getting the word out about your referral program on the channels your employees use most is the best way to generate more referral submissions. And as we know from Hireology data, referrals are the top driver of quality hires on average.

In Q1, we made an enhancement to this functionality that gives you the option to choose from a wide variety of templates when creating a new campaign. Starting with a template makes it easy to quickly launch campaigns and start driving referrals sooner. Additionally, these templates are optimized based on subject line and content performance data, helping you drive better results from your campaigns.

Get new hires onboarded faster with our UKG integration

Last quarter we also announced a deeper partnership with UKG — a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people. 

With this collaboration, Hireology customers that also use UKG Pro can now automatically transfer new hire data from Hireology to UKG Pro as soon as a hire is made — empowering users to get new hires onboarded and up-to-speed faster. Additionally, the integration unlocks complete end-to-end visibility into system data and reporting.

Leverage the refreshed Inbox for better candidate communication

Hireology’s dedicated messaging center, Inbox, also got a refresh in Q1.

As a refresher, Inbox is a centralized location within the Hireology platform where users can review and respond to emails and text messages with candidates. The feature allows you to stay organized and respond to candidates faster. 

With the update, you’re able to manage all messages and see all historical communication within one screen. You can also access all dynamic fields and templates you may have set up previously. And finally, you can see the applicant or candidate’s name, job applied to, timestamp, message preview, and location.

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual work and save time

And finally, we launched a small, but mighty automation enhancement last quarter: missing candidate information automation.

Here’s how this opt-in automation works: When a candidate submits an application without filling out their first name, last name, email, or adding a resume, Hireology will automatically send an email to the candidate prompting them to complete the missing information. The candidate will be able to submit the information by clicking on a URL in the email.

This automation is part of our larger effort to automate tasks that are critical to the hiring process, but often repetitive, to help you reduce time spent on human capital management and make hires faster. 

As we head into the second quarter of 2023, we look forward to releasing even more exciting new features and enhancements to empower you to hire better talent, faster. Looking to see some of these Q1 updates in action? Take one of our self-guided platform tours today. Or, if you’re not yet a Hireology customer and want to chat with an expert, schedule a free demo now!



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