New in Hireology: Employee Referral Campaign Manager and Templates

It’s easier and faster than ever to send campaigns with Hireology Referrals!

Within Hireology Referrals, our in-app employee referral program management tool, you can send text and email campaigns to your existing employees in order to drive participation in your program. You can customize the audience, messages, channels, and cadence of these campaigns based on the unique needs of your organization.

Today, we’re excited to share that you now have the option to choose from a wide variety of templates when creating a new campaign. Starting with a template makes it easy to quickly launch campaigns and start driving referrals sooner. Additionally, these templates are optimized based on subject line and content performance data, helping you drive better results from your campaigns.

Some examples of the new templates (that can be used for both email and SMS) include:

  • Onboarding: Target new employees with information about your referral program upon their start date and continue to message them throughout their first few months on the job
  • Program kickoff: Launch (or re-launch) your employee referral program with this template designed to introduce your program across the organization and follow up with reminders throughout the next several weeks
  • Try it out: Use this template to regularly nudge employees who have never referred an applicant

Getting started is easy. Simply select a campaign from the message center, edit the content based on your needs, choose your audience, and hit schedule! See the screenshot below for an example of how the templates will appear within Hireology Referrals.

In addition to the new templates and improved user flow, we also made enhancements to the way you manage your campaigns. With the new campaign manager you can see performance data for previous campaigns, view current campaign status, duplicate previous campaigns, and more. This is a great way for you to get a holistic view of your entire campaign strategy, identify roadblocks and opportunities, and optimize your campaigns moving forward.

The value of employee referral program campaigns

Employee referral programs are the top driver of quality candidates for Hireology customers. Referred applicants are 7x as likely to get hired than a non-referral applicant. And because these candidates are better quality, they’re hired four days faster on average than non-referral candidates. If you’re not yet leveraging employee referrals, it is a great way to diversify your sourcing channels to reach more quality talent outside of job sites.

But simply having a referral program in place won’t yield the results you’re looking for. You need to make sure that your employees are aware of the program, what roles you’re looking to fill, and exactly how to participate. And they need to be able to access this information on the channels they use the most. 

That’s where Hireology Referrals campaigns come into play. You can send targeted, personalized messages via text or email to remind your existing team about your open roles, how much the bonus payout is, and provide a link where they can quickly and easily submit referrals — directly from your account. What’s more, Hireology Referrals will track open click-through rates on each campaign to help you optimize your messaging and cadence over time.

The concept of sending campaigns to communicate your open roles shouldn’t end with employee referrals. Sharing information about open roles can create opportunities for existing employees to make career moves internally. You might even consider sending information about open roles to former employees or previous candidates to drive applicants from your existing database of relationships. 

Hireology Referrals is included in our Professional package. If you’re an existing customer looking to upgrade, reach out to our customer support team today! If you’re not yet a customer, schedule a time to chat with our experts to learn more.



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