Introducing Beaker — Hireology’s New AI Assistant

Say hello to Beaker, Hireology’s new AI-powered recruiting assistant! 

Beaker empowers you to generate high-quality job descriptions in a matter of seconds, saving you time and helping you to get your open roles in front of top job seekers sooner. With today’s announcement, Hireology becomes the first applicant tracking system to integrate ChatGPT into its platform.

Beaker is powered by ChatGPT, an advanced language processing model developed by OpenAI. To use the tool, you’ll simply input details such as a job title and location and Beaker will instantly generate a clear and concise job description that is optimized for search. You will then have the option to edit the resulting job description, save it as a template, and distribute to leading job boards as usual.

Beaker is currently in Beta and available to select customers only. We will be releasing the product more broadly to Hireology customers in the coming months. See the screenshot below for a glimpse for how Beaker will work in the Hireology application. Read on for more details on the benefits of Beaker and how to get started.

Revolutionizing hiring with AI technology

Here’s a closer look at how Beaker can transform your recruiting and hiring process today:

Fill open roles faster

Today, there are still two open jobs for every active job seeker, which means speed matters more than ever. By writing higher quality descriptions faster, your team can connect with the right talent ahead of your competitors. You can then leverage the rest of our platform to streamline your hiring process steps and decrease time-to-hire.

Save time and resources

Beaker automates the historically cumbersome process of manually writing job descriptions, freeing up your team to spend time on the hiring tasks that matter. At Hireology, we know that AI is the future. But we also understand that recruiting and hiring will always require a human touch. That’s why we’re using AI to power the tedious aspects of your process — allowing you to spend your time building relationships with talent and providing a more engaging candidate experience.

Attract more qualified candidates

Filling your open roles with the right person matters for all employers, but especially in industries like hospitality and healthcare where your people are truly the backbone of your business or service. Harnessing the power of ChatGPT, Beaker writes job descriptions that cater to the needs of today’s top job seekers — maximizing your reach to the best possible talent.

Our top priority at Hireology has always been helping our customers fill open roles with quality talent faster, and Beaker is just the latest example of our commitment to this. This announcement comes at the heels of our recent enhanced integrations with Indeed and UKG Pro as well as a new and improved Inbox experience for better candidate communication.
Interested in being the first to leverage Beaker? Leave your information here to join our first come, first serve Beta program today!



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