Say Hello to Beaker — Hireology’s New AI Assistant

Generate quality, SEO-optimized job descriptions in a matter of seconds with Beaker, Hireology’s new AI-powered assistant. Harnessing advanced language processing model ChatGPT, Beaker empowers you to:

The future of AI-powered recruiting is here

Advanced AI technology

Beaker is powered by ChatGPT, which is an advanced language process model developed by OpenAI

Fully customizable

Beaker-generated job descriptions are fully customizable so you can add in additional personal touches before distributing

Instant job descriptions

Enter your job title, industry, and some key responsibilities of the role and Beaker will instantly generate a new job description

Designed to attract top talent

All job descriptions written by Beaker are clear, concise, and optimized for SEO — maximizing your reach to the best job seekers on the market

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