Introducing a New and Improved Inbox Experience

Hireology’s dedicated messaging center, Inbox, just got even better! You can now respond directly to messages within Inbox without having to leave the screen. Additionally, you can see all communication history and relevant candidate information all in one place.

As a refresher, Inbox is a centralized location within the Hireology platform where users can review and respond to emails and text messages with candidates. The feature allows you to stay organized and respond to candidates faster — helping you ensure that you keep the hiring process moving efficiently and you don’t lose top talent to competitors. 

This enhancement is a direct response to user feedback. As candidate texting functionality continues to become more popular and widely adopted, many of you expressed a need for a more intuitive way to send and receive texts. In fact, Hireology customers sent 20% more text messages to candidates in 2022 than they did in 2021. 

The below visuals show what the new Inbox experience looks like. You now have the ability to manage all messages and see all historical communication within one screen. You can also access all dynamic fields and templates you may have set up previously. And finally, you can see the applicant or candidate’s name, job applied to, timestamp, message preview, and location. 

View all new messages and communication history within Inbox

Respond directly to candidates without navigating away from Inbox

Thanks to this enhancement, you’ll now get even more out of an already useful candidate communication functionality within your Hireology account. More specifically, you’ll:

    • Keep candidates engaged: The ability to respond to messages without having to navigate away from the screen cuts down on the time it takes to keep communications moving forward with candidates, ultimately keeping great talent engaged and reducing the risk of ghosting.
    • Reduce mistakes: By viewing all communication history as well as additional pertinent information about the candidate in one place, you drastically reduce the risk of making mistakes such as repeating messages or sending the wrong information.
    • Improve time-to-hire: Because you’ll no longer need to navigate away from Inbox to respond to a message, you’ll be able to move faster and work more efficiently, which cuts down the time it takes you to turn a great applicant into a new hire.

    Today’s enhancement is now live for customers with any product package. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer and you’re looking for ways to improve and streamline candidate communication, schedule a free consultation with a Hireology expert today.



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