5 Hireology Features Built to Help You Hire Better Quality Talent

Connecting with top talent and improving your quality-of-hire matters immensely when it comes to your organization’s bottom line. In fact, a 2017 study of more than 600,000 researchers, entertainers, politicians, and athletes found that high performers are 4x as productive than average workers.

What happens when you hire a less-than-average performer? According to an estimate from the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hiring decision is at least 30 percent of the individual’s first-year earnings. So for a poor-fit employee with an annual income of $75,000, the cost to the organization is about $22,000. Some might argue the cost is higher given the resources needed to recruit, hire, and train that person and eventually build a pipeline to replace them down the line.

However, finding the best talent for your open roles is difficult these days — especially as we continue to navigate a post-pandemic talent shortage with two open jobs for every active job seeker. For many organizations, it’s a “win” to simply fill the role. It can feel as though taking the time to find the right person is an impossible task.

That’s where staffing software like Hireology come into play. Here are five Hireology features built to help you connect with and quickly hire higher quality talent:

Career sites

The best way to connect with and entice top job seekers on the market is to demonstrate that you offer what they’re looking for. We know from Hireology research that top applicants today are looking for flexibility, career growth, and meaningful work in addition to compensation in an acceptable range — and they have the luxury of holding out until they find a job that fits exactly what they’re looking for. Using Hireology, you can make it clear that you offer these coveted benefits with a content-rich career site.

With our career site functionality, you can build a page on your brand website that not only houses your open roles but also lists all of the benefits you offer that job seekers are looking for, highlights your company culture and history, and includes testimonials from your happiest employees.

Hireology career sites are mobile-optimized, ensuring you attract digitally-savvy candidates from computers, tablets, and smartphones. We’ll put in place SEO best practices to rank your jobs higher in Google and organic job board results.

Automated employee referral programs

Another Hireology survey found that among employers today, employee referral programs drive more quality talent than any other applicant sourcing channel — including top job boards. So why not work to get even more out of this channel? The key to doing so is to get the word out about your program through internal marketing. From there, you need to then make it as easy as possible for your best employees to refer candidates who are just like them.

With Hireology’s employee referral program management tool, you can do just that. You can run automated referral campaigns via email and text highlighting open roles, leverage chatbot technology to make it really easy for people to submit referrals, and then keep track of your referral pipeline as well as your bonus payout timing all within Hireology’s intuitive applicant tracking system.

Among Hireology customers, applicants sourced through Hireology Referrals are hired at 7x the rate of all applicants!

Document collection

For some organizations, sifting through applicants to identify the very best can be tricky. Of course their resume and interview performance are both critical indicators, but it’s also important to identify the candidates who meet the necessary certifications and licensing criteria. And with Hireology, gathering this information is easier and faster than ever. 

With our documentation collection functionality, you can automatically collect critical candidate documents, such as accreditation certificates, immunization records, licensing, and more. This helps you weed out folks who are not the right fit for the role before it’s too late. With truly qualified candidates in hand, you can then move through your hiring process confidently.

Candidate texting

When you have a great candidate in your pipeline, you want to do everything you can to keep that person engaged and interested in moving forward with your organization so you don’t lose them to competing organizations. One way to do that is by making the back and forth communication required in the hiring process easier and more convenient for the candidate by embracing texting.

Hireology’s powerful in-app messaging tools allow you to text candidates directly from the platform — no need to use your own device or your own phone number. That way, you can provide the candidate-friendly experience today’s top talent wants while also centralizing all communication history and making the process easier on your team. It’s a win-win for both your recruiters and candidates. 

Hireology customers using our texting functionality hire top candidates 4 days faster than those who do not.

Automated interview scheduler

As noted above, when you have a great candidate in the pipeline you don’t want to risk moving too slow and losing that person to a faster-moving competitor. One step in the hiring process that typically slows down momentum and can cause top candidates to disengage is scheduling interviews. It’s a cumbersome step that requires lots of back and forth with your hiring managers and candidates.

With Hireology’s automated interview scheduling software, our customers get top talent in front of the right hiring managers fast. The tool works by automatically syncing hiring manager schedules with Hireology and then sharing those time slots directly with candidates — allowing them to quickly and easily select dates and times that work for them. Overall, the feature eliminates the manual coordination typically required of this process, keeping candidates engaged and interested in your open roles.

Among Hireology customers, applicant-to-hire conversion rates are 2x for those that use both interview scheduling and SMS text messaging

Want to see these features in action on your own terms? Take a self-guided tour of Hireology today to learn more about how our tools work to help you connect with and hire better quality talent fast.



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