What Should Your Staffing Software Do for You?

Choice is usually a good thing — but when you have too many options, decisions can be harder and harder to make. This is especially true when there is no one “right” definition of a product, like with staffing software. 

There are many hiring platforms on the market, all with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Ignoring all the bells and whistles, when the concept is boiled down, a hiring platform should help you reach your business goals efficiently via human capital management. Great staffing software is simply a tool used to help your business fill your open roles quickly with the best talent available. Read on to learn more about what staffing software should do for you.

Staffing software should help you

Attract top talent

When it comes to adding members to your team, the first step is to attract top talent. Staffing software should grant your hiring managers access to the best candidate pools for your industry. Much like every person is different, so is the way that applicants for various sectors find their next roles. A good staffing software will offer tips and tricks to create the best job description possible for your role so that more candidates will apply. 

From there, most hiring platforms will offer insights and analytics for your HR department to determine which channels bring in the most hires and best candidates. By refining your team’s focus on these avenues, you can create a recruitment strategy that drives ROI for your business while giving time back to your team for other tasks that could better benefit your bottom line. 

Staffing software will typically have a way for your hiring managers to communicate directly with candidates in the hiring platform itself, which is important since timeliness holds great weight in today’s hiring market. In order to add top talent to your staff, your recruiters need to be able to move quickly in terms of reviewing applications and responding to interested candidates; this is a much simpler process when all of this information and functions are located within the staffing software itself.

Hire the best candidates

As mentioned above, moving candidates through the hiring process quickly is a key component of hiring in today’s day and age. Your staffing software should enable you to do this through a variety of ways. 

At its core, staffing software should allow your recruiting team to establish a standardized hiring process that can easily be followed within the hiring platform. For businesses with multiple locations, this is key to ensuring that the same quality of hire is being made across the brand as a whole. Most hiring platforms allow for some degree of candidate organization, so your hiring team can effectively rank candidates and move forward as quickly as possible with the best ones. 

Candidate organization doesn’t end there, however. Some staffing software allows you to create a database of former employees along with candidates. Your business should take advantage of this to create a personalized talent pool that you can access whenever you have openings you need to fill. It’s not unheard of for companies to hire someone who applied for a different position or to even rehire someone who previously worked there, so having this database can become a steady source of talent.

Manage your entire employee lifecycle

There are many phases to the employee lifecycle that occur after someone joins your company. Typically, the process starts with onboarding. Staffing software can now be used to jumpstart the onboarding process, so that documents and certifications (if necessary) can be collected all before a new hire’s first day on the job so they can start being productive faster. Instead of your HR department manually managing benefits and payroll, staffing software can take on the burden of these tasks so that your team can reap the time-saving benefits. If your staffing software doesn’t perform these functions outright, many have integrations available that make these processes sync — and thus considerably easier than in standalone systems.

What does your current staffing software do for you?

While there are certainly similarities in hiring from one industry to the next, not all staffing software was created equal. If, after reading this, you have questions or concerns about what your current staffing software does for your business, Hireology can help. We offer transparency into the different functionalities of our staffing software, so you can rest assured that your business has the solution that works best for you. For help figuring out what approach would work best for you, take a look at our pricing page or book a time to talk with our trained staff. 



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