5 Ways to Drive Hiring Results with a Recruitment CRM

The unemployment rate continues to decrease and it recently dipped to 3.6 percent, the lowest rate in more than 50 years. This trend is making the hiring market highly competitive for employers across industries.
To attract and hire top talent, many employers invest significantly in job boards. Tapping into job boards can help employers reach a wide range of job applicants, but in some cases, the capabilities end here. While job boards are a key ingredient to any employer’s hiring efforts, it’s important for your team to also think beyond job boards.
One way to improve your recruitment marketing efforts overall is by partnering with a recruitment CRM platform, which offers not only job board capabilities, but also offers integrated solutions to help you attract and hire your best team. Below, we’ve outlined several ways a recruitment CRM platform can boost your hiring results in today’s competitive market.

Boost Applicant Quality

Many employers rely on one-off job board postings because they have a reactive recruitment process in place – meaning they only start the recruitment process when they have an immediate opening. If your team did this every time you had an open role, the job board costs would quickly add up.
Job boards are an important piece of any company’s recruitment marketing efforts. But they often deliver a high quantity of applicants, but low quality from a job fit perspective. According to Hireology data, job boards only deliver 50 percent of the applicants you need to fill an roles. Therefore, your team needs to invest in recruitment marketing channels beyond job boards, which is where a recruitment CRM platform comes into play.

Diversify and Your Recruitment Marketing Channels

Hireology data found that a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy can help drive 10 times more quality applicants than job boards alone. Beyond purchasing one-off job board postings each time you have open roles, you should invest in a variety of job boards – including national, local and niche, industry-specific job boards – and expand your strategy beyond job boards.
By partnering with a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology, not only can you invest in a diverse set of job boards, but you can also tap into other recruitment marketing solutions like programmatic advertising and a strong career site.
Programmatic advertising enables your team to attract quality applicants at scale. Hireology’s programmatic advertising solution, Applicant Engine, delivers quality candidates automatically and directly to your team. Using Applicant Engine, your team can reach qualified candidates across a network of 500+ local, national, social and organic channels. And Hireology manages your recruitment marketing budget for you, ensuring you’re only investing in channels that drive results.
A recruitment CRM platform like Hireology also helps you maintain a strong career site. A well-built career site is often the top source for quality candidates. Top candidates turn to career sites rather than simply clicking “apply” through a job board, as want to learn more about career opportunities before officially applying. And beyond helping you attract engaged applicants, a strong career site can help your team save money – Hireology found that career sites are seven times more cost-effective than job boards.
Hireology will help you develop a compelling career site. Your career site presents a great opportunity to share an overview of your company’s employment brand, workplace culture, career progression and overall benefits to help top candidates see the opportunity your team offers. Drive traffic from other channels to your career site by linking to your career site in your job descriptions. This will give engaged candidates a better feel for the role and your culture.

Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts

Your team likely has a process in place to measure which lead sources drive results for your business on a daily basis. This same level of attention should be applied to the most critical component of your business – hiring the best possible employees.
Hireology’s analytics solution, Insights, can help you continuously measure the success of your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts. One of Hireology’s Insights answers the question, “What is my best source of applicants?” and provides clear visibility into the total number of applicants, quality candidates and hires by recruitment marketing channel. The Insight further provides central visibility into sponsored job board performance, including total sponsored posts purchased, dollars spent, quality applicants sourced, and average cost per quality applicant. Armed with this data, your team can ensure you’re not overspending on a single job board.
Recruitment marketing channels that deliver a high quantity of poor applicants will only waste your team’s time and budget. By leveraging a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology – rather than relying on job boards alone – you can improve the return-on-investment for your recruitment marketing budget by vendor or channel. This will help you ensure quality hires are being made to boost profitability, while saving your team money.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Once job seekers apply to your open roles via a job board or another channel, they’ll automatically be added to your hiring process within the recruitment CRM platform. On the other hand, if you only rely on job boards for your hiring, you likely don’t have a process in place to manage the hiring process after applicants apply.
With a recruitment CRM platform, your team can avoid wasting time manually reviewing applicants who aren’t a fit for your open roles with prescreen surveys. These surveys are automatically sent to prospective candidates as soon as they apply. Prescreen surveys can include knock-out questions, to help you eliminate applicants who don’t meet the requirements of your open role before your team spends time reviewing them.
Throughout the hiring process, a recruitment CRM platform also helps you keep candidates engaged and excited about joining your team. If candidates are left waiting to hear back about next steps in the hiring process after they apply via a job board, they’ll quickly get frustrated. A recruitment CRM platform like Hireology includes candidate text messaging, to ensure your team stays in communication with candidates every step of the way.

Stay a Step Ahead of the Changing Job Board Landscape

Job board platform providers recognize the significant opportunity they face in today’s applicant-driven economy. And to stay ahead of the competition, job boards are continuously evolving. If you’re investing in job boards alone, you may be impacted by changes in the job board landscape.

One recent change in the job board landscape is that Google entered the job board market with Google for Jobs, a new interface to help job seekers easily find their next job. Hireology is committed to helping our customers capitalize on the latest job boards trends. Our team has outlined best practices to ensure open roles reach candidates on Google for Jobs – including refresh your jobs, optimize job posting for search and update your company profile.    
Another change to the job board landscape is that some job boards are changing their posting policies. For example, Indeed has formally blocked all staffing and staffing-like agencies from their organic feed effective January 7, 2019. Employers impacted by this policy change must pay Indeed for sponsored postings rather than appearing in the organic feed.
Job boards are one of many pieces in a successful recruitment marketing and hiring strategy. But if your team relies on job boards alone, you might not see the full results you need when it comes to hiring top talent and driving profitability. By thinking beyond job boards and partnering with a recruitment CRM platform, you can build your best team in today’s competitive hiring market while saving time and money. Learn more about how Hireology can help you transform your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts – see a demo today.



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