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Build a Strong & Proactive Candidate Pool Automatically
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Tired of Managing Expensive Job Board Posts With Unknown ROI?

Save money, deliver qualified candidates and see ROI across sources with our automatic sourcing tool.
With Applicant Engine, Hireology automatically delivers quality candidates directly to your team. Shift away from manually purchasing and managing costly, one-off job boards with unknown ROI to building a talent pool within Hireology automatically. Redefine recruitment and reach qualified candidates across our network of 500+ local, national, social and organic sources.
Your Better Candidate Sourcing in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Job Post Optimization

When you open a new job with Applicant Engine, the platform automatically optimizes your job descriptions using similar titles and keywords to reach a broader set of interested candidates.

Step 2: Source Candidates At Scale

Reach the best candidates across 200+ sources like national job boards, organic search feeds, classifieds, social media and other niche sources. Applicant Engine focuses on sources expected to convert at the highest rate first using predictive analytics.

Step 3: Get Top Candidates and See ROI

Budget shifts to the best-performing sources for your open jobs automatically and sources providing a low ROI are eliminated. Top candidates will automatically be sent to your Hireology account to start the review process. A Hireology sourcing manager will also conduct a bi-weekly 1:1 review to ensure you’re seeing results.

“We’ve seen our costs add up with job boards like Indeed and Craigslist that also bring in a lot of unqualified applicants, so having Hireology bring us great candidates automatically was a huge advantage. Using Applicant Engine, I was able to hire for every open position in the first month alone. I was impressed by the amount of quality candidates Applicant Engine delivered. I’ll use it to source in the future and have already recommended it to other dealerships.”

– Jessica Bowman, Owner Loyalty Manager, Legend Automotive


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