5 Hireology Features Built to Help You Hire Faster

Speed matters when it comes to hiring great talent for your open roles. While this is true for any employer, it’s especially relevant for organizations hiring skilled labor — such as automotive technicians or CNAs. In these instances, the faster you can get the right person in-seat the sooner you can start driving patient or business outcomes.

So how can you decrease your time-to-hire? The key is embracing technology that allows you to accomplish key hiring process steps faster — without cutting corners. Thankfully Hireology is built to help. Our platform includes several features designed to shave days or even weeks off the hiring process while empowering you to remain confident in your hiring decisions.

Here’s a closer look:

Employee referrals

Hireology’s in-app employee referral program software speeds up your hiring process in a few ways. First, we know that referred candidates get hired faster simply because referrals are much more likely to be qualified candidates than those sourced through other channels, which means traditional vetting steps typically take less time. So by using Hirelogy’s referral tool to get more referral candidates in your pipeline, you’ll be able to fill your open roles faster by default.

Additionally, the tool includes campaign automation functionality, which allows you to automate text and email campaigns internally to drive more referrals. This saves you the time it would take to manually draft and send texts and emails internally — getting your referral campaign messages in front of your employees faster and driving more referral candidates sooner. 

Texting and inbox

Often, the process of communicating back and forth with candidates to move them through the hiring process can add days to your time-to-hire. That’s where texting comes into play. Texting can significantly speed up the process because unlike email and phone, candidates can read and respond to your emails quickly from wherever they are. No need to play phone tag or navigate through cluttered email inboxes.

With Hireology’s candidate texting and inbox functionality, texting candidates is easier than ever. You can send texts directly from the Hirelogy platform so you don’t have to use your own device or phone number. And you can manage all texting history directly from a centralized inbox. Hireology customers fill roles four days faster when using candidate texting.

Interview scheduling

Much like candidate communication, interview scheduling is a cumbersome hiring step that can slow down your time-to-hire. Back and forth communication with candidates and hiring managers to choose dates and times that work for both parties can take days. But with Hireology’s automated interview scheduling software, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Interview scheduling works by syncing with hiring manager calendars so that the recruiter can send messages to candidates that automatically populate with available dates and times. Then the candidate can simply select one that works and the interview is booked. No need to spend days communicating with hiring managers and candidates to find times that work. Get great candidates on the schedule as soon as possible and make hires fast.


Outside of communication and interview scheduling, the typical hiring process is riddled with additional manual steps that significantly increase your time-to-hire — leading to lost candidates and ultimately lost revenue for your organization.

The Hireology platform includes all kinds of automation that can eliminate tedious manual tasks that slow you down. For example, the staffing software includes the ability to send automated messages to candidates when critical information is missing from their applications. Hireology also leverages ChatGPT for job description creation automation. Functionality like these frees up time for your recruiters and hiring managers to spend more time on interpersonal tasks and keeps your hiring process moving fast.


And finally, when it comes to hiring speed, the goal isn’t necessarily to just make an offer as fast as possible. Rather, the goal is to get a new hire integrated into your organization as fast as possible so they can start driving outcomes. So even if a great candidate has accepted your offer, you need to continue moving fast.

With Hireology’s digital onboarding software, you can do just that. The software allows you to collect onboarding and new hire paperwork digitally (think: tax forms and proof of insurance), speeding up the hiring process and helping get great candidates in-seat faster. As an added bonus, this functionality also reduces errors and allows new hires to focus on training and learning on their first few days rather than completing paperwork.

Want to see these features in action on your own terms? Take a virtual tour of Hireology today to learn more about how our tools work to help you connect with great talent and make hires fast.



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