September 2022 Product Releases: iOS Applicant Tagging and More

In September we delivered several exciting new product features that are now available for you to leverage in your Hireology account, including automatic job refresh, applicant tagging for the Hireology iOS app, and hiring team additions.

We built these features in response to direct feedback from you. We know that connecting with more job seekers and moving fast on top applicants and candidates is critical in today’s tough hiring market. Today’s releases are designed to help you save time, stay organized on-the-go and make smarter hiring decisions with greater team transparency.

If you haven’t started using these features yet, read on for a deeper dive into how they work and why they benefit your team:

Eliminate manual work with automatic job refresh

Launched earlier this week, this feature is designed to automate the highly manual, yet common process of cloning and re-posting jobs in Hireology in order to boost job visibility on organic job feeds and drive more applicants.

Previously, the process to refresh a job was to clone that existing job, validate that all the hiring steps are still accurate, update the hiring team (if needed), mass transfer all applicants to the new job, and then close the existing job. Today’s enhancement completely eliminates these manual steps allowing you to opt into automatic refreshes every 60 days — ensuring they remain visible on job boards while also significantly saving time for you.

Setting up up automatic refresh when opening a new job

iOS applicant tagging: stay organized on-the-go

With iOS applicant tagging, you can now see tags on applicant profiles within the Hireology iOS app — helping you easily organize and find candidates based on tags created within your account. Under each applicant’s profile, you will now have access to a “Tags” section in which you can see the tags assigned to an applicant from the desktop experience.

Tagging is a great way to tailor your search parameters for unique needs of your team and organization. For example, if you are specifically looking for candidates who can work weekends or have a specific certification, you can tag that applicant in the review process. This allows your entire team to easily find those candidates fast. Now that this feature is accessible within the Hireology iOS app, you will be able to quickly search and find candidates that fit your specific needs on the go! 

Sorting candidates by tags within the Hireology iOS app

Quickly add hiring team to new jobs for added transparency

Upon creating a new job, this new feature gives you the power to quickly add your hiring team who has full access to the job and associated applicants and candidates for future roles. This small-but-mighty update is designed to add transparency to your process and help drive alignment across your team — empowering you to make smart hiring decisions fast.

Read our recent FAQ on this feature for a deeper dive into what it means for your team.

Adding a hiring team member when creating a new job

Today’s updates follow a really exciting August, where we launched new ATS and payroll integrations with Hireology Referrals. Check out our Hireology Referrals FAQ for an overview of how the feature works overall as well as the supported integration partners. And review our August product roundup to learn more about several additional features launched last month.



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