Job Template Management and Add Hiring Team FAQ 

We recently launched two small but mighty product enhancements designed to streamline and add transparency to the hiring process for our customers: job template management and add hiring team. Both were built with one goal in mind: to make it even easier for you to connect with more talent and quickly hire the right candidates using the Hireology platform.

To help you get the most out of these enhancements, we rounded up some frequently asked questions about both features.

What does job template management entail?

Job template management makes it easier to see which jobs have been marked as templates so you can quickly understand which jobs are clones, which are originals, and which are safe to remove. Ultimately, this allows you to more efficiently create new jobs, sort your list, and get your jobs in front of the right job seekers fast.

How does the job template feature work with the parent child relationship? Can a parent account remove all of the templates for the child accounts?

Only if the template was defined at the parent level. Any templates created by the child accounts would have to be managed by the child account.

If I created a job based on a template and a change is made to that template, would my job change?

No, once a job is edited and opened from an existing template, it is a new entity.

Can I remove templates from the jobs dashboard once I select “jobs used as templates”?

Yes, you can easily remove templates you no longer want your organization to be using if you have the permission setting to do so. You simply click to edit the job and unselect the ability for it to be cloned.

What does the add hiring team enhancement entail?

When you create or clone a job, the add hiring team feature gives you the power to quickly add your hiring team who has full access to the job and associated applicants and candidates for future roles. This adds transparency to the hiring process and drives alignment across your team, empowering you to make fast and smart hiring decisions.

A closer look at how this enhancement works in the Hireology platform

Why should I assign the hiring team right when opening a job?

Adding users to the hiring team is critical for mobile, inbox, and interview scheduling access. It also drives alignment across your team by adding transparency to the process, making it easier for you to move fast on great candidates and make sound hiring decisions. 

Can I make edits to my hiring team after assigning them when opening a job?

Yes, you have the ability to add or remove users from your hiring team even after opening a job within the job details page.

What if I don’t want a certain hiring manager to have access to features when assigning them to a job?

If you are an Admin on your account, you have the ability to edit users permissions by navigating to ‘users’ under your name in the top right hand corner of your account.

The job template management and add hiring team features are two of many recent updates we’ve made to the platform in response to feedback from users like you as well as evolving hiring market conditions. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with more applicants, move top candidates through a streamlined process, and make great hiring decisions. For more information on our recent launches, read our latest product roundup blog.



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