Inbox Now Available on the Hireology iOS App

Last month we launched Inbox — a new feature designed to centralize all applicant and candidate communications within the Hireology platform. Today, we’re excited to share that Inbox is now available for the Hireology iPhone app, allowing you to reap the benefits of the feature while working on-the-go.

As a refresher, with Inbox, you can view all of your SMS and email communications with both candidates and applicants from a single message center. And clicking on any message in Inbox takes you directly to the location within the platform where you can see the thread and continue the conversation. Inbox essentially acts as a to-do list, ensuring that you never miss a communication and that you keep top talent moving through your hiring process quickly.

Bringing this feature to the iPhone app means you can access Inbox no matter what device you’re working from. Additionally, Inbox for mobile makes it easier for you to continue where you left off when moving from desktop to mobile. That way, you don’t waste time navigating through the app to find important conversations while working on your phone between meetings or while commuting. Plus, you’ll get the added peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten to respond to a candidate or complete a task when switching back and forth between devices.

The addition of Inbox is just the latest of many updates we’ve made to the Hireology app since we launched in October of 2020. With Hireology mobile, you can already connect quickly with applicants, move top applicants to candidates, check the status of candidates, communicate with any applicant or candidate across open roles, and even make the decision to hire — all while working from your smartphone.

And since the launch of our app, we’ve found that it’s been an incredibly useful tool for recruiters and hiring managers looking to move faster. In fact, Hireology mobile app users connect with applicants on average 2x faster than those who don’t leverage the app. At a time when top talent has plenty of options, and hiring is harder than ever, anything you can do to shave off hours or even a few minutes in your hiring process can make all the difference. 

If you haven’t already, download the Hireology iPhone app to get Inbox along with all of these other features to keep your hiring process moving fast. It’s free with your subscription and any Hireology user can use it to see their open roles, applicants, and candidates. Currently, Inbox is only available on iOS but we’re working hard to bring it to our Android app soon.

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