Updates to our Mobile App Help You Connect with Applicants 2x Faster

Starting today, Hireology users with our iPhone app can download our exciting spring update that brings even more features from our desktop experience to their devices. With this latest update, we’re giving our customers the ability to see all of their applicants and candidates across open roles, helping you find the right person with new sort, filter and search tools, showing where each candidate is in your hiring process, and – for the first time ever – allowing you to make a hire directly from your phone. Read below for a deep dive into each feature!

See all applicants and candidates 

Our first release of the Hireology mobile app last winter allowed our customers to connect with new applicants quickly, regardless of their location. Our customers have loved using our app to connect with new job applicants on-the-go, especially as the demand for quality applicants has increased thanks to many businesses reopening or looking to dramatically grow their teams based on the recent economic recovery.

Today, we’re expanding on this great feature of our mobile app by allowing our customers to see all job applicants – and for the first time every job candidate for any open role – directly in their mobile app. Thousands of our customers have downloaded our app since its launch late last year and have integrated it into their daily routine to connect with their job applicants even faster while on-the-go.

In fact, customers who use our mobile app connect with new applicants 2x as fast as those who only use our desktop platform.

If you’re a current customer and looking to beat the competition to connect with great talent, we recommend downloading our app today to help get in front of today’s best talent.

Better candidate search, filter and sorting tools 

While adding all of your applicants and candidates across your open positions to the mobile app, we knew we needed to build strong tools to help you quickly find the right people regardless of what stage they are in the hiring process.

Our new People section located in the bottom navigation displays a list of all people who have applied to your open roles, and allows you the ability to search, sort and filter to quickly connect you with the right applicant or candidate, and be able to review all accompanying documents and notes. 

Better transparency into hiring process visibility 

The latest version of Hireology on mobile now gives you full transparency into where each candidate is in the hiring process. Viewing your candidates shows their contact information, allows you to access supporting document and shows their completed and upcoming hiring steps so you can know exactly how they are progressing. Where available, you can get an at-a-glance look at prescreen survey or interview scores and see any incomplete steps to help you move your process along. 

Making hires from mobile

One of the most exciting updates we’re brining to mobile is the ability to hire your best final-round candidates. To make a hire, you just need to find the candidate in your mobile app, and click the Hire button at the bottom of their profile. You’ll be presented with a confirmation screen to select their start date, and once confirmed, the app will kickstart any post-hire onboarding steps you have as part of your Hireology process. For candidates you do not wish to move forward with, you’ll have the option to decline them too – with an optional delayed message that you can tweak to give it a 1:1 feel.

Available now on iOS 

These great new features like seeing all applicants and candidates across open roles, powerful search, sort and filtering tools, hiring step visibility and mobile hire are exciting additions to our iPhone app. Current customers can download the app from the Apple App Store or update their existing app today.
Not a Hireology customer? See why our mobile app is just one of our innovative features by getting a demo with our team today.



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