New! Introducing Hireology’s Mobile App

The all-new Hireology mobile app is now available! You can download the app directly from Google Play or the Apple App Store to start building your best team from anywhere!
Evaluate and connect with applicants wherever you go and take your hiring process anywhere. There’s never been an easier or faster way to review new applicants across any of your open roles!

Why did we develop an app?

We understand that you don’t spend every minute at your desktop, and don’t want your best applicants to wait for you to return to the office. Instead of requiring you to set aside time daily to review applications while sitting at your desk, our app helps you build your best team while on the sales floor, at your home, or anywhere else. 
Additionally, we want to keep bringing you the best applicant tools to transform the way you hire and make every step of the hiring process as easy and seamless as possible. 

What can the Hireology app do?

Rather than recreating our entire process on the small screen, the Hireology app focuses on three key areas to help you better connect with new applicants. 


You can access applications, resumes, prescreen surveys, and hiring manager comments for all of your open roles. No need to be at your desk — check the app from anywhere, and take your hiring process with you in your pocket.


Move top applicants to the next step in the process or decline candidates who aren’t a fit. You also have the option to quickly send a customizable follow-up email with the tap of a button. Keep your hiring process moving forward so top applicants aren’t left waiting.


Send applicants an email or text to get more details about their experience, or tap to call them directly from the Hireology app. 

Want to see the mobile app in action? 

The Hireology app can be downloaded right now from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  Download now to start reviewing and connecting with applicants from anywhere!  



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