Hireology Now Offers Full Suite of Employee Referral Capabilities

Earlier this year we announced the acquisition of employee referrals platform, EmployUs. The acquisition was a move to help our customers more easily manage employee referral programs — which on average drive more hires than any other source of talent. Today, we’re excited to share that the full suite of EmployUs capabilities is now integrated into the Hireology platform.

Hireology has long supported career sites, job boards, and social media to connect with top talent, but never entered the referral space. Now, Hireology powers employee referral programs in a platform that automates most of the manual work associated with internal communication, submissions, and candidate tracking. With built-in referral technology, you can now manage your referral programs alongside all of your other applicant sourcing channels with ease.

Employee referral programs are a top source of applicants and eventual hires because they allow you to tap into a network of talent that you might not otherwise be able to reach through traditional sources like paid job boards. Plus, your top employees typically refer folks who they truly believe fit the needs of the role and align with your company’s core values, making referrals great candidates and ultimately ideal hires.

Hireology customers that are already managing employee referral programs with our technology are seeing the benefits. Among our customers, 38% of referrals are moved to the candidate phase compared to just 21% of non-referrals. And one out of every 10 referrals is actually hired, compared to just 2% of non-referrals.

Here’s a closer look at what you can do with Hireology’s built-in employee referral capabilities:

Send internal referral campaigns

You can now send internal email or text campaigns and create flyers directly from the Hireology platform. These campaigns give you the power to consistently and frequently communicate open roles, program guidelines, and payout amounts to your team — keeping your program top of mind for everyone internally. Your text and email campaigns can include a link or a QR code for easy and seamless referral submission. 

Automatically feed referrals into your ATS

When your employees submit referrals, those contacts will automatically feed into Hireology’s applicant tracking system (ATS) — ensuring that referral candidates do not get lost in spreadsheets, email, or other siloed tools. Referrals will then move through your hiring process quickly and seamlessly alongside all other candidates. This saves you time by eliminating the need to manually jump from system to system and reduces the errors associated with manual candidate tracking.

Manage and track bonus payouts

Never forget to pay your employees for their referrals again. You can now keep track of the status of every referral bonus directly within Hireology — including who referred each candidate, how much they’re owed, and when the payout is due. Paying your bonuses accurately and on-time is the best way to build trust among your employees and continue motivating them to participate in the program. 

Conduct detailed reporting

Hireology now includes detailed referral program reporting, which includes data like the number of referrals per team or location, referrals per campaign source (e.g., flyer or email), the percentage of referrals that become hires, and much more. This data will help you set referral goals, create a strategy, and optimize and improve your program over time.

It’s no secret that hiring is tough right now. You’re competing against all kinds of organizations and traditional channels like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are more crowded than ever. Employee referral programs are a great way to cut through the clutter and directly connect with top talent. And with Hireology’s employee referrals technology, you can seamlessly execute your program and manage referral candidates with ease.

If you’re an existing customer looking to add employee referrals to your platform, contact your customer success representative. Not a Hireology customer yet? Learn more about our powerful recruiting, hiring, and employee management platform by scheduling a free demo today.



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