How Visiting Angels Uses Hireology to Connect With and Hire More Caregiver Talent 


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the home care space in many ways. In addition to managing retention challenges due to health and safety issues, many agencies also struggled to attract and hire talent for their open roles. Because of social distancing guidelines it was tough to connect with job seekers using traditional methods. And given today’s unprecedented labor shortages, it’s tough for agencies to keep candidates interested throughout the hiring process. Visiting Angels of Glendora, CA was able to overcome these challenges by modernizing their recruiting and hiring practices in order to adapt to the changing needs of job seekers today. Read on to hear their story.

Customer challenge

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, the Glendora, CA office of Visiting Angels (a senior home care provider), primarily relied on word-of-mouth. They would form in-person connections with students and staff at local community colleges or CNA certification programs. They would also make an effort to meet job seekers at local establishments — even at the laundromat!

But due to low enrollment during COVID-19, many of the community colleges that the team at Visiting Angels once relied on lost funding and shut down. And the team’s once effective approach to connecting with talent in-person became impossible during the initial COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. As a result, Visiting Angels struggled to attract talent, which in turn impacted patient care, and they knew they needed to pivot their strategies. That’s when they sought out Hireology in order to expand their applicant sourcing channels and find new ways to reach local talent.

The Hireology approach

We know that a centralized, integrated process is table stakes for successful recruiting. By partnering with us, Visiting Angels was able to implement new tactics to drive applicant volume while focusing on vetting processes tied back to a centralized tool. Having a one-stop-shop to review applicants, identify quality talent, and run a structured hiring process allowed the team to build efficiencies and increase the number of forecasted hires by 39% over 6 months. Additionally, by integrating Hireology with their scheduling tool, WellSky, the Visiting Angels team eliminated the manual data entry required to onboard and schedule new hires.

Here’s a closer look at the features that have helped Visiting Angels connect with more talent and fill their open roles faster:

Job distribution

The team takes full advantage of Hireology’s job distribution capabilities, posting weekly job ads across a variety of general and niche job boards with the click of a button. They also find Hireology’s partnership with myCNAjobs particularly useful. The team is able to quickly share new jobs on myCNAjobs, which is the largest network of home care and home healthcare talent, and start driving applicants to their open roles immediately.

Centralized ATS

The team has also added significant efficiencies to their hiring process with Hireology’s centralized applicant tracking system. In the past, the team would need to remember where they posted jobs and regularly log into those sites to review applications and respond. This was time consuming and often resulted in lost candidates. With Hireology, applicants from all sources funnel into one central location with Hireology. Now, the team’s recruiters simply log into HIreology to review and screen all new applicants — saving time and reducing the number of lost candidates.

Interview guides

Hireology’s built-in interview guides also help the Visiting Angels team work faster and more efficiently through the hiring process. The team creates a standard set of questions for each type of role that lives in Hireology. Each candidate’s answers to these questions then live with their profile within the platform, making it easy for the team to reference the candidate’s answers when choosing who to move forward with in the process.

WellSky integration

Visiting Angels is also able to save significant time during the new hire onboarding process by leveraging Hireology’s integration with WellSky Personal Care — the leading scheduling platform for home care agencies. Using this integration, the team can automatically transfer applicant data from Hireology to WellSky Personal Care, where caregivers can complete their profiles and get on the schedule immediately.

Real results Delivered

With Hireology, Visiting Angels has been able to modernize how and where they connect with applicants and define a streamlined and efficient hiring process. Implementing Hireology has led to significant increases in applicant volume and total hires and decreases in the time to review an applicant as well as time-to-hire.


“Hireology has made our lives so much easier. Prior to working with the team, we were struggling to manage postings across different sources. We were also delayed in following up with applicants and missed some great opportunities. Since partnering with Hireology we have one source of truth to manage our applicant flow and hiring process. We have even been able to cut down our time-to-hire by about a week!”

— Chelsea Pettey

Managing Director, Visiting Angels of Glendora


Percent increase in applicants since partnering with Hireology
Percent increase in hires since partnering with hireology

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