Hireology + myCNAjobs = Hiring Success for BrightStar Care


Attracting qualified talent during the post-pandemic hiring crisis has been a challenge for all businesses — but especially those in the home care and home healthcare industries. That’s why Andy Ray, owner of Brightstar Care of Gilbert and Mesa Arizona, knew he needed a strong process in place to attract qualified caregivers and keep them engaged through each hiring step.

The need for Hireology

When Andy opened up shop, he did not have an applicant tracking system (ATS) in place, and wasn’t sure if one would be necessary for successful hiring. But as soon as he realized the sheer volume of hires he needed to make combined with the bleak hiring market he knew he could no longer rely on ad hoc processes fueled by disparate systems and outdated tracking mechanisms.

As he stepped into his role, Andy also quickly learned just how effective myCNAjobs was at bringing in a high volume of applicants. But from there, he didn’t have a standard workflow in place for providing a seamless hiring experience for these candidates that felt easy for them and moved fast. He also struggled to manage candidates across disparate systems and felt it was tough to keep track of folks coming in from other job boards or other sources simultaneously.

That’s where Hireology came into play. He knew he had access to the system as a franchise owner and the tool came highly recommended by his contacts at myCNAjobs, which quickly had become a top source of hires for Andy’s team. It became clear that Hireology checked all the boxes for Andy — offering a way to streamline and manage all candidates from myCNAjobs alongside other sources from one central location.

Dramatic hiring improvements

Because of our best-in-class ATS combined with our seamless integration with myCNAjobs, we knew we could drive applications and help streamline hiring for Andy’s BrightStar Care locations — even amidst an unprecedented caregiver shortage. As Andy began learning the platform, working with our customer success team, and implementing new processes and workflows, he’s seen dramatic improvements in his hiring efforts.

Here’s a closer look at the specific Hireology features that Andy’s team benefits from the most:

myCNAjobs integration

myCNAjobs represents 70% of America’s home health aides, caregivers, and certified nursing assistants, giving our customers direct access to the largest network of qualified direct care workers. Among Hireology customers, 61% of applicants from myCNAjobs convert to a hire. Andy’s team was no different, reporting that the majority of their applicants and hires come from this channel.

Using Hireology, the team is able to take full advantage of the great talent coming through myCNAjobs by quickly getting these applicants into their hiring workflow — setting themselves up to move fast and extend offers to the top candidates before they move onto other opportunities.

HIreology’s integration allows BrightStar Care to share an unlimited number of jobs across the myCNAjobs talent network. Applicants applying via myCNAjobs flow automatically to their Hireology account, where the team can then automate communication and next steps for open roles. Andy and team can also proactively search the myCNAjobs resume marketplace and easily one-click sync caregiver profiles into their account to streamline operations and track results.

Customizable hiring workflows

Andy and his team also revamped their entire hiring process through Hireology. Using the platform’s customizable workflows, he was able to create a process that’s intuitive, consistent, and centralized into one tool — making it easy for his team to follow the process and move much faster on top candidates. This new workflow allowed him to build a strong foundation to support high volume hiring.

The healthcare space comes with unique hiring requirements not found in other industries. Caregiver applicants have to show proof of insurance, immunizations, certifications and much more in order to be considered for a role, which often drags the hiring process out. But with Hireology, Andy is able to speed up what he can control and build in extra room in the process for managing some of those healthcare-specific requirements.

Insights and analytics

Andy also values Hireology’s built-in insights and analytics feature — which allows him to track everything from top sources of applicants and hires to process adherence across his team. He then uses that data to make adjustments to his strategy and resource allocation to ensure he’s optimizing his team’s effort and time. For example, if he sees that the hiring process is completed in full only 90% of the time, he can sit down with his team and identify roadblocks that are causing them to skip steps or alter the workflow. He can then adjust according to the team’s needs.

Hireology customer support

Hireology offers robust 1:1 customer support along with regular training sessions and access to a library of best practices content. Andy felt that the individualized support from the Hireology team as he ramped up using the platform was second to none. Our team helped him design a hiring process that worked for him and provided other advice such as how to write quality job descriptions and build an effective career site.

Andy said he also values that Hireology is constantly innovating and taking his and other customers’ feedback seriously by regularly implementing new features that make his job easier.

“After working with myCNAjobs to build a strategy to drive applicant volume, Hireology was recommended to take my hiring process to the next level. Once partnered, team Hireology offered amazing support and shared with me what an excellent hiring process could look like. They facilitated my success by giving me a roadmap to follow to drive an efficient hiring process.”



— Andy Ray

Owner, BrightStar Care of Gilbert and Mesa Arizona

Real results Delivered

With Hireology, Andy and his team are able to take full advantage of the myCNAjobs network and have developed a process that empowers them to review and contact qualified applicants in a matter of minutes. MyCNAjobs is their top source for applicant volume and applicant quality with over 3,100 applicants driven to Andy’s open roles in the last 12 months.

Time to review quality candidates: Minutes
Quality applicants received in the past year: 3,100
Top source of applicants and hires: myCNAjobs

Andy said if he had to pick one feature that brings him the most value it would be the integration with myCNAjobs.


“myCNAjobs gets us the raw product (applicants), but because of their relationship with Hireology it’s now easier for me to then process and support the candidate journey once we get that product in the door.”

— Andy Ray

Owner, BrightStar Care of Gilbert and Mesa Arizona

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