Wellsky Personal Care

WellSky Personal Care, formerly known as ClearCare, is the leading scheduling platform for home care agencies. With this integration, applicant data is automatically transfered from Hireology to WellSky Personal Care, where caregivers can start the completion of the WellSky Personal Care Quick Apply applicant profile.

Hireology + Wellsky Personal Care

Seamlessly send open shift opportunities to newly hired caregivers, reducing scheduling time significantly

Provide better patient care

Schedule caregivers that meet specific client care criteria

Save time and money

Avoid wasted time and errors associated with manually re-keying records

Schedule shifts faster

Transfer caregiver records and contact details directly into WellSky Personal Care

How it works

This one-way integration transfers applicant data from Hireology to WellSky Personal Care, reducing scheduling time significantly

Applicant data is sent to WellSky

As job seekers apply to open roles, applicant data will appear in both Hireology and WellSky

Applicants complete their profile

Detailed profiles allow for better shift placements, ultimately improving patient care

Seamlessly send open shift opportunities

Get caregivers on the schedule fast without the risk of manual error

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