Our Healthcare Integration Partners: Manage Your Team with Ease

At Hireology, we’re always eager to partner with best-in-class technology providers that can help our customers improve how they attract, hire and onboard their employees. 

Hireology empowers home health care agencies, long-term care facilities, senior living facilities and other healthcare organizations to attract and hire qualified candidates, all from one centralized platform.

Through the Hireology platform, healthcare organizations can drive efficiency throughout the hiring process, decrease time to hire, and get qualified employees onboarded and on the schedule quickly. 
Specifically, Hireology offers the following benefits:

  • Reach top talent: Attract a diverse, qualified talent pool with compelling job descriptions, a content-rich career site and integrated job boards
  • Run an effective hiring process: Customizable hiring steps and interview guides, along with in-platform verifications like skills tests, references and background checks, speed up hiring and enable the entire process to be completed digitally
  • Boost candidate engagement: In-platform tools like candidate text messaging and automatic reminders save time while keeping candidates engaged

To drive further efficiencies post-hire, we’ve recently integrated with several leading technology solutions in the healthcare space. See below for additional details on our healthcare integration partners. 


AxisCare is one of the fastest growing home care software companies, providing agencies with affordable scheduling software and tools they need to improve their care and expand their client base.

With the Hireology and AxisCare integration, your home care agency can send new hire data from Hireology to AxisCare, streamlining caregiver hiring, onboarding and scheduling.

The one-way integration transfers new hire data from Hireology to AxisCare. Once a caregiver record is synced with AxisCare, managers can send open shift opportunities to caregivers to get clients the care they need faster.

By leveraging the Hireology and AxisCare integration, your home care agency can: serve more patients by decreasing the time it takes to onboard new hires, provide better patient care by quickly scheduling caregivers that meet specific client care criteria, and save time and money by avoiding manual processes. 

Learn more about the Hireology and AxisCare integration here


ClearCare is the leading scheduling platform for home care agencies, with more than 4,000 customers. Its platform helps schedulers quickly pull a list of available caregivers that meet client care criteria, saving hours by sending messages through the system to offer shifts to one or more caregivers.

With the Hireology and ClearCare integration, your home care agency can automatically transfer applicant data from Hireology to ClearCare, where caregivers can start the completion of the ClearCare Quick Apply applicant profile. This will enable your team to have more complete caregiver profiles and, as a result, provide improved care by quickly scheduling caregivers that meet patient requirements.

See additional details about the Hireology and ClearCare partnership here.


MatrixCare provides solutions for private duty and home care agencies that enable exceptional care delivery, from the office to the home and throughout the community.

By tapping into this integration, your agency can seamlessly send new hire data from Hireology to MatrixCare, freeing up time to focus on delivering quality care and attention to patients and families.

The integration partnership also offers such benefits as: scheduling shifts quickly and efficiently, saving time and money by reducing manual tasks and avoiding errors, and driving employee, patient and family satisfaction as a result. 

Learn about how the Hireology and MatrixCare partnership works here.


Proliant provides an all-in-one cloud-based human capital management solution that simplifies payroll and HR processes, improves accuracy, and ensures industry compliance.

With the Hireology and Proliant integration, your long-term care facility can seamlessly send new hire data from Hireology to Proliant, kick off the onboarding process in Proliant with ease, and save time that can be spent focusing on ongoing employee success.

Additional benefits of the partnership include: Reduce manual tasks and data entry errors from onboarding, payroll, benefits administration and performance management, and set new hires up for success by keeping employee records consistent. 

Read more details about the Hireology and Proliant integration partnership here
During these uncertain times surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s more important than ever before for your healthcare organization to put the right team in place while saving time on the hiring process. And once you have employees on board, it’s critical to keep employees engaged and productive with streamlined onboarding, scheduling and other HR solutions. 

We’re here to help you effectively attract and hire the best team possible, and drive post-hire efficiencies at your healthcare organization. Are you interested in learning more about how Hireology can help you build your best team? See a demo today.



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