Napleton Streamlines Payroll and Onboarding with Hireology

For each day a dealership has an open role, an average of $1,000 in gross profit is lost. And once your team fills these open roles, it’s critical to get new hires up to speed as quickly as possible – or you’ll continue to lose profit due to decreased productivity. One way your team can speed up productivity is by partnering with the right payroll and onboarding platform
Napleton Automotive Group understands the importance of efficient onboarding. The dealership group has turned to Hireology to power its hiring across nearly 50 rooftops, and recently started to roll out Hireology’s payroll and onboarding solution across several rooftops in Illinois. 
Prior to partnering with Hireology for payroll and onboarding, Napleton Illinois ran payroll through its dealership management system (DMS) and faced challenges getting the data they needed to drive business efficiencies across rooftops and managers. With its previous payroll solution, Napleton Illinois also faced challenges with cumbersome, administrative tasks– such as those related to onboarding. 
When the team at Napleton Illinois was deciding on a new payroll partner, they were interested in working with Hireology in part because the Hireology platform has already driven strong results on the recruitment and hiring side of the business. Napleton Illinois also decided to partner with Hireology for payroll and onboarding because of Hireology’s retail automotive industry expertise and payroll features specific to the industry. 
Since partnering with Hireology, Napleton Illinois has saved a significant amount of time that was previously spent on manual, time consuming tasks related to payroll and onboarding.
“We appreciate that Hireology’s payroll platform is user-friendly, and easy to understand. It also helps that the platform includes features specific to the automotive industry, making the solution relevant and useful for our team. Another benefit we’ve seen is how much Hireology’s platform has simplified payroll and onboarding for us.” – Amanda Grayson, Controller, Napleton Illinois
Interested in learning more about how Napleton Automotive Group has made the most of the Hireology platform to attract top talent, hire qualified employees and onboard them quickly – hiring nearly 3,000 employees since 2018 as a result? Read the full customer story here
See how Hireology can drive similar results for your dealership by helping you easily transition from candidate to employee. Get started now.



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