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Napleton has been a long-term Hireology customer, partnering closely with us for the past 3 years. As a large established dealership brand, Napleton was looking for a solution to put in place to organize all hiring efforts across their group.

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More recently, Napleton was also looking for a more intelligent way to source top applicants – especially for hard-to-staff fixed ops roles like technicians and service managers. Hireology was able to partner with Napleton on three fronts: helping them centralize and scale their hiring process, highlight their strong employment brand to reach top applicants, and intelligently source talent for key roles automatically.


Hireology and Napleton partnered to completely reinvent the people side of the business across all Napleton locations. This involved establishing hiring steps, manager training and buy-in, and customizing the online employee application, pre-screen survey and interview guides for all dealership roles. Hireology partnered closely with Napleton to ensure onboarding was successful and everyone involved with hiring across the entire group was trained on this new way of running the hiring process. 

This continues today as Napleton continues to refine their hiring process thanks to Insights – the Hireology analytics platform that gives actionable steps to take to further improve the hiring process based on applicant and hiring manager activity. The group was also one of the first automotive customers to leverage Applicant Engine – Hireology’s radical new way of automated talent sourcing – and has already seen promising results. 


Applicant Tracking
Once Napleton’s new process powered by Hireology was rolled out across the group, progress was seem almost immediately.

“Hireology is so much more intuitive than our old way of recruiting. For all of our managers, it’s a one stop experience for hiring and candidate management.”

– Ziggy Grabowski, General Manager, River Oaks Hyundai Kia

Beyond organization, the new hiring process allows Napleton to verify each candidate in a compliant and seamless workflow. “The screening ease is great and it’s something leveraged by all of our managers across the group. 

– Ziggy Grabowski

General Manager, River Oaks Hyundai Kia

Career Site
Napleton partnered with Hireology to create an engaging career site to attract quality candidates. In the past year, hiring managers marked 75% of applicants that came directly from the career site as high quality applicants – meaning that they were qualified enough to advance to the interview step. This is a substantial improvement compared to traditional organic and paid job boards like Indeed or Craigslist. 

Applicant Engine
In the past year, Napleton was looking for ways to improve the applicant sourcing process. We partnered on an applicant engine campaign – where Hireology would programmatically manage a sourcing campaign for Napleton’s open roles, intelligently spending a set recruitment budget across various job boards, classified ads, and social media to see what worked best. For the campaigns, we focused on hiring service technicians – a challenging professional to find, especially in today’s tightening labor market. 

With the Hireology Applicant Engine sourcing campaign, 63% of the delivered applicants were seen by Napleton as quality applicants, and Napleton was quickly able to hire 3 service technicians quickly, and at a substantial savings compared to traditional recruiting channels like CareerBuilder. 

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About Hireology

Hireology was founded on the insight that companies following a prescribed hiring process find and retain better talent. By treating hiring as a science, we help organizations build stronger teams to drive higher productivity while lowering costs and turnover. Our Intelligent Hiring Framework™ is the process we bring to our customers to define, source, select and verify candidates for a comprehensive evaluation that leads to higher-caliber, longer-term employees.

We built Hireology to serve entrepreneurs: franchise, retail automotive and small business owners that rely on a driven and engaged team to drive business impact. This customer group is comprised of thousands of companies making a large portion of the employment market, while it’s also a segment we’ve seen as historically underserved by world-class SaaS hiring tools.

The Intelligent Hiring Framework™ — the methodology at the core of our process — transforms the disjointed, time-consuming hiring tasks into a seamless web app experience. This userfriendly approach scales from single-location businesses to organizations tasked at hiring hundreds of employees a year. Our platform covers each step of the process: from defining the job and sourcing applicants to interviewing and verifying candidates for a complete look at candidate potential.

Hireology was founded by our CEO Adam Robinson who brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of hiring and selection management. Adam leads a nimble Chicago-based executive team bringing experience from leading technology companies such as Groupon, Deloitte and Google.