Hireology Now Integrates with Leading HR Technology Platform, UKG Ready

Today we’re excited to announce a new integration with UKG Ready, one of the world’s largest HR technology companies. We partnered together to empower your business to run the most streamlined, people-first recruitment process possible. As of today, Hireology is now one of the only ATS vendors that integrates directly with the UKG Ready platform. 

At Hireology, we are helping companies build their best teams and put people first. Our all-in-one hiring and HR platform includes everything you need to connect great talent, provide a fast and easy hiring experience, and get great talent onboarded into your organization seamlessly. UKG Ready is a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management functionality for all types of organizations and teams.

Together, the two platforms enable a complete people-first recruiting and HR workflow — turning hiring, HR, payroll, and workforce management into an all-in-one process your team and candidates will love. 

Benefits of the Hireology + UKG Ready integration

For Hireology and UKG Ready users, here’s a closer look at how this new integration will help you streamline your talent acquisition process from start to finish:

Reduce time spent manually re-entering new hire data

Hireology and UKG Ready users can now conduct all HR tasks within one centralized location, eliminating the need to re-enter personal information once a candidate becomes an employee. This gives your team more time back in their days to complete other critical recruiting and hiring tasks like employment branding efforts, candidate engagement, and speeding up the hiring process for the remainder of your open roles.

Limit risk of data entry errors

By eliminating the need to manually re-enter data, Hireology’s integration with UKG Ready also reduces the risk of human error. Fewer errors means less time spent correcting mistakes, lower likelihood of audits and fees, and ultimately happier employees.

Better new hire experience

Hireology’s new integration with UKG Ready also allows new hires to complete all administrative paperwork on their own before day one — saving their first few days on the job for more important tasks like training, relationship building, and hitting the ground running faster. Studies show that when employees feel they’ve had a more valuable onboarding experience, they’re much more likely to stick around long term.

Hireology + UKG Ready user experience

UKG Ready is a one-way integration in which new hire data is seamlessly pushed from Hireology into UKG Ready, at no additional cost. This will work and look very similar to all our other integrations. 

Once a candidate is marked as ‘Hired’ in Hireology, the following new hire data will be sent to UKG Ready:

  • First and last name 
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Street address 
  • City, state, zip
  • Country
  • Hired date

Today’s announcement is just the beginning of Hireology’s partnership with UKG. We will be rolling out an integration with UKG Pro later this year, which will unlock more opportunities for UKG and Hireology users.

If you are already a UKG Ready user the integration will be available in your Hireology account today. For additional support or information on how to navigate your integration contact your customer success representative or visit our UKG Ready integration resource page.

If you’re not a Hireology user yet, sign up for a free consultation today to learn more about our full integration capabilities and see how our intuitive platform can help you build your best team — fast.



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