How to Drive 5x More Quality Job Applicants

Today’s job seekers have so much information about potential job opportunities at the tips of their fingers, meaning it’s critical for all employers to take extra steps to reach and attract top job seekers. And this can be made possible by implementing a multi-channel recruitment marketing strategy to retail your open roles, similar to a marketing strategy your team might put in place to retail your products and services.
Many employers make the mistake of only relying on job boards to drive job seekers to their open roles. But while job boards often deliver a high quantity of applicants, many of these applicants are not necessarily qualified. In fact, recent Hireology data found that job boards alone only deliver 50 percent of the applicants you need to fill an open role.
Below, we’ve outlined several key elements of a multi-channel recruitment marketing strategy, which can help you drive five times more quality applicants than simply relying on job boards.

Career Site

A well-built career site is often the top source for quality candidates. Top candidates turn to career sites rather than simply clicking “apply” through a job board, as they’re deeply invested in their professional growth and want to better understand potential career opportunities and workplace culture.

Embrace your career site as an opportunity to share an overview of your company’s employment brand, workplace culture, career progression and overall benefits to help top candidates see the opportunity your team offers. Drive traffic from other channels to your career site by linking to your career site in your job descriptions. This will give candidates a better feel for the role and your culture – and weed out candidates who might not be a fit.

Job Boards

Job applicants who don’t have specific employers in mind tend to do broader research to find out about new job openings using job boards such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. With job boards, you can broadly distribute job openings to many applicants – but they might not be as engaged as other channels – which is why it’s beneficial to ultimately drive applicants back to your career site. Identify general hiring job boards as well as niche, industry-specific job boards that make the most sense for your business and open roles.

Programmatic Advertising

With programmatic advertising, your team can source quality applicants at scale. Hireology’s programmatic advertising solution, Applicant Engine, delivers quality candidates automatically and directly to your team. Shift away from manually purchasing and managing costly, one-off job boards with unknown ROI. Using Applicant Engine, redefine recruitment marketing and reach qualified candidates across a network of 500+ local, national, social and organic channels.
Interested in learning more about how you can effectively put a multi-channel recruitment marketing strategy in place? See how Hireology can help – schedule a demo today.



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