April Product Updates: Jobcase Joins Hireology’s Job Distribution Network and More

Recent jobs report data shows that folks are slowly getting back to work. So as an employer looking to hire, you need to be prepared to not only capture interested job seekers ahead of competitors, but also move them through a fast and engaging hiring process. 

Hireology’s April product updates as well as some of our exciting upcoming releases are designed to help you do just that — strengthen your sourcing strategy while streamlining your hiring steps. This month’s featured releases include a new Jobcase job promotion option, a look at the power of recently-launched interview scheduling, and a preview of some exciting job distribution updates to come.  Here’s a deeper dive:

Connect with more talent via Jobcase

As workers re-enter the job market, it’s important to have great processes in place to connect with a wide range of these folks as early as possible. This is especially true in the hospitality sector where competition for talent is high and as a whole, the industry remains about 1.5 millions jobs below the pre-pandemic number. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new job sponsorship option with Jobcase, which is a large job marketplace home to 100 million members. The job board is focused on entry level positions and partners with employers across all types of work and industries.

This new feature gives you the option to promote your jobs directly with Jobcase, empowering you to maximize your reach to potential job seekers. To promote your job on Jobcase, simply click into your open job and hit the promote button to the right of the job title. You will be taken to a list of sponsored job boards you can select from and Jobcase will be among that list. We hope this new feature makes it even easier than ever for you to get your open roles in front of interested job seekers — fast.

Interview scheduling powers faster hiring velocity

Back in February of this year, we launched our automated interview scheduling tool. The feature was designed to help you and your team speed up the hiring process by eliminating the manual back-and-forth coordination often required in the interview scheduling process. It works by syncing directly with your hiring managers’ calendars and giving candidates the power to choose from open time slots.

Since the launch, we have had over 3,000 interviews scheduled, which has helped our customers drive faster hiring processes and get great candidates onboard sooner. We are excited to continue our work on enhancing this tool to make it even easier for your team to manage interviews with new updates coming soon. If you have yet to set up interview scheduling and are interested in learning more, read our blog to get started.

Exciting job distribution updates to come

Hireology is built to help you easily market your open roles across multiple channels to connect with more top job seekers and build your applicant pipeline. We have been working hard to further strengthen your sourcing channels so you can reach even more applicants in today’s competitive landscape. 

This year we have launched a new job share and promote modal and added CareInHome and Jobcase among the list of sponsorship options we offer. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue to roll out more job distribution updates to really expand your sourcing strategy. These updates will include the addition of more sponsorship options, as well as enhancing our current offerings.

At Hireology we understand the pressure you face to fill your open roles fast, which is why we’ve prioritized releases that allow you to connect with more talent and streamline your hiring process. We hope you’re just as excited about these features as we are! The Jobcase job promotion option is available in all customers’ base subscriptions today. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming job distribution and interview scheduling enhancements.



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