Anxious About Hiring Hospitality Technology? The Right ATS Can Help

Over the last five years, the hospitality industry has adopted a number of new technologies to bridge the gap between guest expectations and staffing levels.

These advancements have largely enhanced the guest experience, but little has been done to improve the hotel’s hiring experience. As the industry continues to move to a more tech-friendly future, hoteliers need to invest in hospitality technology that funds profitability and brand growth.

This isn’t radical or hypothetical technology — but there are quite a few applicant tracking systems (ATS) on the market that could potentially unsettle a prospective hotelier.

How the right ATS can ease hotelier’s tech anxiety

When it comes down to it, there are three primary functions and capabilities built into modern recruiting and HR platforms that can ease any tech anxiety hoteliers may have. Read on to learn more about how the right ATS should empower hoteliers to make better hiring choices in confidence.

Keep data safe

Security is top of mind for hotel chains across the world — and for good reason. As the industry relies on more and more hospitality technology to power operations at hotels, the risk for a data breach continues to increase. Considering that applicant tracking systems store some of the most sensitive data your employers possess — including their social security numbers, banking details, and more — it is table stakes that this information remains safe.

When browsing for an ATS, look for one that will fit seamlessly into your hotel’s existing hospitality technology stack, allowing you to accurately and safely transfer data from one program to another. For extra security, look for one that has multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign on (SSO) as this will enhance your safety features while also making it easier for your team to access the platform.

Enable AI for recruitment

With so many advancements made in the world of AI within the last few years, the possibilities to use this software can seem endless (and daunting). With about 70% of hoteliers being somewhat or very comfortable with the idea of AI in recruitment, it’s critical that the ATS your hotel uses incorporates this powerful tool. Instead of forcing hoteliers to figure out which AI programs work best for recruiting, hotels can partner with hiring platforms that already possess AI capabilities for recruitment purposes. This way, there is less ambiguity for owners and operators and time can be saved that would otherwise be spent searching for a random generator on the web. 

While there are sure to be even more advancements made in this area of hospitality technology, currently AI-generated job descriptions can be leveraged within leading platforms like Hireology to get your hotel’s open roles in front of job seekers faster. Chatbots can also be used to interact with applicants and even create resumes for referred candidates and text-to-apply applicants. 

Easy-to-use for everyone involved

Hiring has come a long way since pen and paper applications. In fact, little more is required of candidates than their name and their contact information in the cutting edge hiring platforms — and applicants prefer it that way. Hireology research has shown that 76% of hospitality job seekers have actually given up on an application before because it took too long to complete. Most hospitality technology allows guests to enhance their stay through the use of apps and mobile devices, but an ATS empowers hoteliers to make the hiring process easier to navigate for candidates and their hiring team.

Keeping the application process simple removes any barriers that might prevent quality talent from applying, which is key as you can always weed out unqualified candidates later in the process. But you also want to keep talent engaged throughout the entire hiring process without taking too much time away from your hiring managers’ day-to-day responsibilities. You can do this through the use of automations within an ATS to also give hiring managers more time to review applications while remaining respectful of candidates’ time and top of mind in their job search. Additionally, you’ll be able to standardize and centralize applicant scoring, candidate notes, and candidate communications all in one easy to navigate location. Through these powerful HR functions, your hotel’s hiring team will be able to easily sync with one another on the platform no matter which property they’re at.

Want to hire better hospitality workers faster?

Partnering with an ATS that alleviates your tech anxiety instead of exacerbating it is critical to hiring in this competitive labor market. To see how Hireology can help your hotel attract and hire the hospitality talent you need this year, schedule a demo today.



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