From 27 Days to 10: Griswold Home Care Franchisees Hire Faster With Hireology


With franchise locations across 37 states, Griswold Home Care is the living legacy of its founder, Dr. Jean Griswold. For the past 40 years, they have provided homemaking, personal, live-in/overnight, and companion care to loved ones in the communities they serve. 

Since October 2017, Griswold Home Care has relied on Hireology to support their recruiting efforts. When Matt Ericksen, Director of Sales and Operations, came on board in 2020, he brought previous Hireology experience with him. Using this prior knowledge, he tackled the project of further developing their recruiting and retention strategy, driving a 95% utilization rate by their franchisees.

The challenge

Built-in redundancies were bogging down the hiring process for Griswold Home Care, resulting in an average time-to-hire of 27 days for a caregiver. At a time when hiring remains difficult for healthcare agencies and facilities, moving fast is more critical than ever. In fact, Hireology research found that 61% of recent healthcare job seekers accepted the first offer they received. Additionally, 53% of healthcare applicants expect to be interviewed within three days of applying for a job — and 44% will ghost if these expectations are not met.

Given how easy it is to lose great candidates due to slow-moving processes, Griswold Home Care embraced Hireology’s automation functionality to speed up their time-to-hire.

The Hireology solution

By adopting features like interview scheduler, SMS and email templates, tagging, digital onboarding, and more, Griswold Home Care franchise owners significantly decreased time-to-hire and boosted applicant volume. Here’s a closer look:

Automated interview scheduling

Hireology’s automated interview scheduling tool has helped Griswold Home Care locations significantly speed up time-to-hire by reducing the cumbersome, manual work often involved in interview scheduling. By syncing with hiring manager calendars, the tool automatically pulls open time slots and offers these to candidates via email and text — making it easy for them to quickly select dates and times that work for them. 

Griswold Home Care’s Scottsdale, AZ location has been one of their fastest growing offices for same-store sales over the past three years — requiring them to hire more caregivers at a rate they previously had not hired. Their manual, time-intensive hiring processes hindered their ability to fill roles, staff new hours, and cover turnover. 

Matt showed the team how to leverage Hireology’s interview scheduler, which delegated interview scheduling to the candidate, shifted manual work away from the team, and ultimately saved significant time in the hiring process.m’s time to focus on other tasks, while also ensuring that referral campaigns don’t fall through the cracks.

“Within the first week of implementation, the director there was able to hire 10 caregivers in a matter of 7 days because she was able to be far more efficient with her time usage.”

– Matt Ericksen, Director of Sales and Operations

Candidate texting

In addition to automating interview scheduling, many Griswold locations also use candidate texting to speed up the hiring process. By texting candidates, Griswold teams can reach candidates more directly while they’re on the go, allowing them to get ahead of competitors and reduce the lengthy back and forth that occurs during interviewing and hiring processes.

According to the research mentioned above, 58% of healthcare job seekers say responding to texts is easier than responding to emails. And 56% say they typically check texts before they check emails.

Digital onboarding

The most impactful Hireology tool was proven through two large case study samples where Griswold Home Care used Hireology’s digital onboarding functionality with seven company-owned offices in the summer of 2021. The following summer, their largest multi-unit franchise owner deployed Hireology onboarding. In both situations, they were able to cut their time to hire by 50% in 30 days. 

Hireology’s onboarding tool allows Griswold locations to collect onboarding and new hire paperwork digitally, speeding up the hiring process and helping qualify candidates faster. Additionally, the tool reduces admin-intensive tasks such as reading handbooks, completing tax forms, selecting benefits, and more to provide a better experience for the new hire on their first day.

“Every office that has elected to sign up for onboarding has decreased their time to hire by 50 to 75%.”

– Matt Ericksen, Director of Sales and Operations

The results

More than 95% of the Griswold Home Care franchise network now uses Hireology!

By embracing automation tools and freeing up time for recruiters, Griswold Home Care was able to increase their application volume by 160% and decrease their time-to-hire by 10 days in just one year. The following year, they eliminated an additional 10 days from the hiring process. On average, the network-wide time to hire is 7 to 10 days, with some offices moving as fast as 48 to 62 hours. Since 2017, they have made more than 50,000 hires.

“All of the work that we’ve done to build out our hiring and recruiting process has allowed us this year to have a growth rate above the industry average.”

– Matt Ericksen, Director of Sales and Operations

By the numbers:

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