The Modern Healthcare Worker

Hireology State of Hiring in
Healthcare Report 2023

A profile of today’s most sought after employees — healthcare workers — and why we’re all struggling to find and retain them

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6 characteristics of the modern healthcare worker

Today, it feels as though there are two conflicting job markets. On one hand is the tech space. Many businesses in this sector are facing revenue challenges due to inflation and over-hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic and thus are grappling with layoffs and hiring freezes.

But like with other industries that employ hourly, essential workers, the healthcare sector is facing a completely different reality. Facilities that offer long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and more struggle with retention more than any other type of employer. And given the continued shortage of active job seekers on the market, most are unable to build a pipeline of talent strong enough to quickly refill these roles.

What’s causing the churn? In short, burnout. Nurses, CNAs, and other caregivers served long hours in-person and on the front lines during the peak of the pandemic, which deeply impacted both their mental and physical health. Now that the economy is back in full swing, many are choosing to pursue lower-stress, more flexible work elsewhere.

All this to say that building a solid pipeline of great talent and retaining the best is critical. But workers in this sector have the upper hand, forcing employers to adjust their offerings and processes to meet their needs or risk leaving critical patient-facing roles (and ultimately beds) unfilled. The key is to better understand the mindset of today’s healthcare workers so you can adjust your offerings and processes to stand out.

In a recent Hireology survey of more than 675 job seekers in this sector, we set out to define the modern healthcare worker.

Read Hireology’s 2023 State of Healthcare Hiring Report to better understand the needs, expectations, and motivations of the modern healthcare job seeker

Key takeaways

  • 46% of healthcare job seekers applied to more than 11 jobs in their most recent search 
  • 27% of healthcare job seekers want to be interviewed within 48 hours of applying, 53% say within 3 days
  • 44% say they are likely to ghost if the employer doesn’t meet the above timeframe
  • 57% of recent healthcare job seekers accepted the first offer they received
  • 55% of healthcare job seekers used a smartphone for the entirety of their most recent search

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