Asbury Senior Living Cuts Time-to-Hire Down to 4 Days With Hireology


With two locations in the Illinois area, Asbury Senior Living offers top-notch care to their community residents. They honor their commitment to providing a high-quality experience for seniors through a team of 297 staff members. Facing the ongoing supply and demand imbalance of talent in the healthcare space, Asbury turned to Hireology for the tools needed to fill their open roles and ensure continued success.

The challenge

Asbury Senior Living’s HR team was looking for a way to engage candidates quickly, streamline the onboarding process, and oversee hiring for multiple facilities when they found Hireology. With ongoing talent shortages, they were not seeing the quality or quantity of candidates necessary to staff their open roles. Furthermore, their hiring process was highly manual and inconsistent — leading to inefficiencies and a slow time-to-hire.

They knew they needed to change their recruiting strategy and sought a solution that would enable them to maximize their reach across various job sites.

The Hireology solution

Hireology provides the tools for Asbury Senior Living to set their hiring process off on the right foot.

Multi-location support

Hireology is built for multi-location businesses, which makes it easy for the Asbury Senior Living team to manage recruiting across their facilities. The team can easily access the status of hiring activity at each facility, track ROI across each location, and transfer candidates from location to location. This degree of transparency helps the team move faster and make smarter hiring decisions. 

“Hireology offers immense value to Asbury Senior Living through the support of multi-location hiring, providing our HR team with visibility into hiring activities across our locations, and enabling us to seamlessly transfer candidates between jobs to address our most critical staffing needs.”

– Laura Hilligoss, Human Resources Director at Asbury Senior Living

Career sites

Hireology’s recent applicant research found that one of the most commonly used sources for searching for jobs and researching employers included employer career sites. Asbury Senior Living has made the most of this opportunity to reach prospective staff with a branded careers page connected to their Hireology jobs. They have made it easy for applicants to learn more about their job offerings and facilities through the simple click of a button. This transparency enables them to attract more applicants by highlighting their company and benefits on one of the channels job seekers use most.

Mobile app

With the mobile app, Human Resources Director Laura Hilligoss gets a notification every time she receives a new applicant. From the app, she can review the applicant’s information and send a text message to get the communication rolling. When someone applies outside of normal hours, she relies on Hireology’s automated communication to assure applicants that their information has been received and is being reviewed. 

Text messaging

Research shows that text messages have a 97% open rate on average, whereas emails are opened as little as 20% of the time. The Asbury Senior Living HR team can attest to this, finding that candidates tend to respond much more quickly through text. They leverage Hireology’s built-in SMS tool to achieve their goal of contacting new applicants immediately after they apply. Not only does this give them the best chance of winning out over the competition, it also helps alleviate stress for candidates who are ready to work. This indication that the company values them as potential employees creates an exceptional applicant experience with many applicants expressing their appreciation for the prompt communication.

Digital onboarding

Hireology’s digital onboarding simplifies this often time-intensive step for both the Asbury Senior Living HR team and their new hires. The ability to customize the onboarding experience and include key steps like i9 verification has freed up time that the hiring team can use to be more productive. 

Hireology support

The Asbury Senior Living team also leverages the expertise of Hireology’s customer success team to optimize their hiring efforts. With a deep understanding of hiring in the healthcare space, Hireology’s team provides personalized advice and real-time ideas in response to challenges, which helps Asbury Senior Living improve and maximize hiring outcomes.

“The phenomenal training I’ve received from the support team allows me to discover new ways to leverage Hireology every day. When we encounter challenges, we can always count on the Hireology team to assist us.”

– Laura Hilligoss, Human Resources Director at Asbury Senior Living

The results

With the centralized tools and job distribution Hireology provides, Asbury Senior Living no longer has to rely on staffing agencies to fill their open roles. This has directly resulted in a steady cost reduction since starting with Hireology. Additionally, Hireology has empowered Asbury Senior Living to move candidates through the hiring process in as little as 6 days, resulting in 47 hires since implementation.

“The tools that Hireology provides to support our recruiting efforts have cut the time we were previously spending on these activities in half.”

– Laura Hilligoss, Human Resources Director at Asbury Senior Living

By the numbers

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