Putting People at the Center of Hiring

When it comes to hiring, filling a seat quickly can overshadow the importance of finding a great employee — a mistake many organizations unfortunately make.

We’re in the trenches of a hiring crisis — millions of people are jobless due to the pandemic, while too many jobs requiring skilled individuals remain open. It’s a double-edged sword that’s making hiring seem impossible for many employers. But Hireology customers have been able to make great hires consistently. Why?

Because in order to attract new talent to your open roles, you’ve got to do hiring differently. And the best way to attract great talent is to put your people at the center of the process. Here’s how you can do this. 

Create a great employee referral program

As the number one driver of quality applicants, your employee referral program deserves to be treated as the shining star of your recruitment operations. Prioritize making your referral program great by implementing a quality payout structure that incentivizes your current employees to refer individuals from their network.

To get the most out of your program, make it easy for employees to submit their peers, offer a bonus that drives interest, and determine a payout period that makes sense for your organization. Hireology’s recent acquisition of EmployUs means we’ve got what it takes to help you structure and run a great employee referral program. We can help you create effective employee referral campaigns in minutes that allow you to track progress and manage bonuses in one central location. 

Promote from within

Job seekers today aren’t after a means to an end. They want a career, job security, and a path for growth. Show your applicants that your company offers this by advertising your employees’ career projection on your career site. Do you have teammates who have moved around in the company? Or tenured staff members who have climbed the ranks? Does your company have a continuing education stipend or free training courses? Highlight these things on your career site so that job seekers know that you offer growth opportunities and you value your employees’ development.

Rely on the right tech

Some hiring technology was created with the intent of making your hiring process more streamlined, but automation can sometimes have negative effects on your applicant pool. For instance, resume review software that scans resumes for keywords or job requirements can be put in place to make it so your HR team is only reviewing applicants with all the role qualifications. However, this process can expel qualified candidates from your search due to formatting issues or even verbiage differences.

Keeping a human-centered approach to hiring, even when involving tech, is important because of issues like this. So purchase technology that allows your team to process applications faster in other ways, like integrated pre-screen surveys and reference checks, so that speed is still prioritized while maintaining process integrity. 

Test your applicants’ skills

Using skills tests in your application process sets both applicants and teams up for success. You want someone who has the know-how to handle various skills, and your candidates want a better understanding of their day-to-day expectations. A skills test can help show applicants what they’ll need to succeed, and be a great indicator for hiring managers about a candidate’s fit.

Additionally, skills tests can help candidates who aren’t selected for positions at your company understand their shortcomings. Feedback is an essential part of what applicants look for in companies — even the ones they don’t get hired at. According to our 2021 State of Hiring report where we surveyed nearly 5,000 applicants about their job search experience, over 70% of applicants said they would feel negatively about a company that they never heard back from after an interview. And what do applicants do about those negative feelings? They share them on public forums and review sites like Glassdoor. Only 8% of respondents said that Glassdoor reviews weren’t an important part of their job search, so you should do all that you can to make reviews, from both applicants and employees, positive. 

Remove process friction

With multiple siloed systems or manual processes, your hiring process can take months to complete. That offers a poor candidate experience and leads to you missing out on top talent since the majority of applicants are swooped up in less than four weeks. You need to remove as much friction from your process as possible to keep your candidates engaged, and that means investing in a system that offers a solution to all of your hiring struggles in one platform. Hireology works to make your recruitment, hiring, and employee management processes simple and streamlined so that you can keep hiring on track.
Hireology customers hire in an average of 22 days, and once candidates become new hires, you can manage employee onboarding, payroll, and time and attendance from Hireology, as well, saving your team time even after a hire is made. 

Measure your success

All of your efforts lose their gusto without measuring the success of your changes. Can you track how many employee referrals lead to a hire? Do you have data on where your top candidates are coming from? Are you able to see where your hiring process is slowest or where bottlenecks occur? These are all data-backed measurements that Hireology can help you capture in order to make process improvements when necessary.

The quality of employees you hire can either create or hinder your business’ growth and success. It’s your job to choose great candidates, but it’s Hireology’s job to support you in doing so. We’re intent on keeping a people-centered approach to hiring while still helping you streamline your processes. Reach out to us to see how we can help you put your people first.



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