Product Update: See Your Detailed Career Site ROI

The Hireology team is always hard at work making updates across the platform, so you have everything you need to attract and hire your best team. The latest Insights enhancements give Hireology users the ability to better understand the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies. Two new data tables now show the return on investment (ROI) driven from career sites and a detailed hiring overview.

Insights Career Site ROI Table

The career site ROI table shows you the following data about the performance of your site:

  • Subscription cost
  • Number of applicants
  • Number of quality applicants
  • Cost per quality applicant

How the Calculations Work

This ROI data is calculated based on the number of quality applicants received from a customer’s career site and is only available for users who have Insights access to see:

  • If only an individual location has a career site, data in the table will only reflect that location
  • If a group of locations share a career site, data in the table will be an aggregation of all the locations

A career site is the best investment you can make in your recruitment efforts, driving as much as 50 percent of all hires and serving as a better investment than using job boards alone. Now you can review the return on this investment directly from the Hireology platform.

Insights Hiring Overview

The hiring overview table shows you the following data about your recruiting results:

  • Total hires
  • Average time to hire
  • Hires by source

Hireology helps organizations attract and hire the best candidates, and improving your overall hiring efforts starts by having visibility into how many hires you’re making and what channels are positively driving your hiring. This hiring data is calculated based on the selected time range and is available to users who have access to Insights.

What if the Hiring Overview doesn’t show any data?

If you don’t consistently mark when you’ve made a hire, you won’t see any available data in the hiring overview.

We’re always taking customers’ feedback into consideration and made these features enhancements to Insights in response to customers wanting greater access to their recruiting data.

Start measuring the success of your career site and recruitment efforts to ensure you’re building your best team. Log in to Hireology and navigate to Insights.

If you’re not a current Hireology customer, get a demo to learn more about Insights.



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