Insights Overview

Drive efficiency and profitability with actionable analytics

Unlock Your Data Like Never Before

Measure your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts to optimize performance

A New Take on Business Reporting

Easy-to-understand Q&A analytics provide clear insight into questions like: How fast am I hiring? Is everyone following the process? Where are my best candidates coming from? Understand your strengths and weaknesses with actionable steps for improvement.

Measure and Improve Your Time-to-Hire

The longer a position goes unfilled, the more productivity is disrupted. With Hireology’s Velocity Insight, measure and improve your time-to-hire with a clear understanding of applicants reviewed, time-to-review and average time spent in each hiring step. Add up to $1,000 in profit back each day by filling open roles sooner.

Drive Process Adherence And Accountability

Ensure your team follows an impactful and compliant hiring process. With our Adherence Insight, gain clear visibility into your process health and hold team members (or locations) accountable to following proven hiring steps. 

See Your Recruitment Marketing ROI

See which channels deliver the most quality applicants, hires, and ROI with Hireology. Measure the performance of your career site to improve site performance and drive value. 

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