NADA 2024: Learn How to Create a Proactive Recruitment Strategy with Hireology

These days, hiring seems like a waiting game. You post a job description on a job board, cross your fingers that qualified candidates will stumble across it and apply.

But what if you had your own candidate source to tap into that didn’t require relying on overcrowded job boards to start the conversation with top talent? 

With Hireology, you’re one step closer to making this a reality for your dealership. With our technology, you’re empowered to easily engage and stay connected with your dealership alumni, former applicants, and even tap into the extended networks of your employees to create a proactive recruitment strategy. Read on to learn more about how our award-winning hiring platform can reduce your dealership’s time-to-hire and improve your overall retention rate.

How can Hireology improve my candidate sourcing process?

Hireology delivers many benefits to dealerships throughout the entire recruitment process. For starters, dealers can achieve their recruiting goals easier with our wide library of templates to choose from to get started. Our applicant tracking system (ATS) can be used as your very own talent pool full of qualified workers like alumni, people in your current employees’ networks, and previous applicants.

We know that regular, relevant communication nurtures top talent to reduce your overall time-to-hire — and our built-in candidate communication encourages recruiters to build lasting relationships with candidates through personalized messages to foster a pipeline of high-performing and engaged candidates.

How does Hireology drive proactive hiring at dealerships?

Hireology’s platform enhances every step of the employee lifecycle, from attracting, hiring, and engaging existing employees. Below, we’ve dug into why our customers are so successful in driving hires with proactive recruitment strategies.

Rediscover talent in your pipeline

Would you rather hire someone you just met or someone you already know and trust? Common sense says that adding someone who has previously been vetted to your team is a much more attractive option than what is essentially a stranger. By keeping track of former employees, applicants, and referred candidates, you can essentially create your own talent pool to tap into when the need arises.

And top talent wants to work for employers they’ve engaged with in the past too. Recent Hireology data revealed that 67% of automotive applicants would consider returning to an organization they previously worked for, while 79% stated that they would be open to working at an organization they had applied to in the past but were ultimately not hired.

With Hireology, you can easily organize candidates, leave notes, rate candidates, and much more — all in one place. As a bonus, all of the communication you have had electronically remains in your inbox so you can look back at previous conversations you’ve had with candidates. As it turns out, keeping these relationships and conversations alive can be the changemaker when it comes to meeting your dealership’s hiring goals this year.

Nurture and engage prospects

But building and organizing a database is just the start. The best way to quickly source great talent from your database is to nurture relationships with them over time. Like with any great relationship, you need to get to know each other — and Hireology can help.

By consistently communicating open roles, your dealership’s unique employer proposition, and social proof from your existing employees, you will constantly be building these relationships with candidates that you think will be a good fit for your dealership. When it’s time to fill a role, you’ll have a pool of interested candidates at your fingertips — allowing you to make better hires faster.

With Hireology you can automate different candidate communication campaigns targeting different groups of talentThe messages may be written differently based on the communication channel you choose and the audience that will be receiving it, but the purpose is essentially the same: to maintain regular contact with qualified talent that you would like to see on your team someday. Hireology allows you to send these messages via emails and SMS text messages so you can rest assured that top talent will receive your message, one way or the other.

Drive employee engagement and retention

Hireology isn’t limited to just recruitment; in fact, you can use the platform to drive employee engagement and retention. You already know how difficult it is to find talent to fill your open roles, so developing a plan to keep your existing workforce participating in your dealership’s culture and ongoings is key to improving retention.

Considering that 71% of automotive job seekers stayed at their most recent job less than two years and expect to do the same at their next role, engagement is an invaluable tool to hitting your dealership’s retention goals in 2024. By automating messages on behalf of your HR to communicate happenings, DEI efforts, and employee testimonials, you create a foundation of a welcoming, cohesive work environment that can drive loyalty and retention. Loyalty isn’t an abstract concept for automotive workers; in fact, over a third (36%) of respondents to Hireology’s recent survey indicated that they were extremely loyal to their current employer.

Stop by booth 4147W at NADA to learn more about proactive hiring strategies!

Hireology can help you revolutionize your recruiting process by establishing automated communications with your dealership’s database of talent relationships. Schedule time to see us at NADA to see for yourself!



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